CBC’s Henry Champ on Palin: warns all citizens she’s “anti-abortion”; and anti gay marriage…

This is my transcript of part of CBC reporter Henry Champ’s


bashing of

“report” today regarding Sarah Palin’s speech last night. 

…This after all was a well-crafted speech.  She had some of the best speech writers in America helping her with this.  She delivered it well, and she performed well.

[Now using his best “scare”, “warning” voice —Joel]

But when you talk in terms of what she can do in terms of luring people into the party, you have to remember that this is a woman who is anti-abortion.  She’s a long-time NRA member.  She’s opposed to gay marriage.  There’s a lot of areas here that don’t wash with the majority of American voters.  So I think her role is gunna be pretty select.  Her job will be to keep the conservative right faithful to the McCain campaign.  I suspect that she’ll do a lot of work in areas where there are those people located particularly in the south and in the south west where she’ll be speaking to a lot of Evangelical groups and areas of that kind.  The other issue here is that she really didn’t do a lot to dispense with this argument that she’s ill-prepared for the national or international stage.  There were no questions being directed to her by the media.  That will happen, and that’s going to be an area where we’re going to find out just exactly what the breadth and width of her is.

Why do we “have to remember” those scary things you referred to, Mr. Champ?  Why don’t we “have to remember” that Barack Hussein Obama is “pro-abortion”, and that he refused to vote for a bill protecting the life of babies accidentally born alive after botched abortions?  And that Biden is “pro-abortion”.  Why don’t we have to remember that? 

And actually, Mr. Champ, your hero Barack Hussein Obama is opposed to gay marriage too.  Why don’t we have to remember that

And re speech writers, which you took the time to inform us Sarah Palin had to use because she needed that sort of “help”, unlike Democrats,  why don’t we “have to remember” that twice now, Obama’s attack dog Biden was defeated in his runs for president, once on the basis that he was caught plagiarizing speech material?  And come to think of it, Obama was caught doing that too.  “Remember”, Mr. Champ?  No of course you don’t, and no Canadians should either.  Am I right Mr. Deep Warning?

And Actually, Mr. Champ, most Americans are against gay marriage, and this is a well-known fact.  I’m sure even you know it.  So you knowingly misinformed or at least mislead Canadians. 

And actually, Mr. Champ, the tendentious term “anti-abortion” betrays your own pro-abortion stance, I think.  Your “anti-abortion” folks prefer “pro-life”.  I think you must know that since you’re such a seasoned, fair and balanced and objective and honest reporter. 

And Sarah Palin’s an NRA member?  Oooh!  Warning!  She’s a member of a gun club!  Oooh!  How neo-con!  Warning!  Most Americans don’t like that!  (BULL.  Prove it, Champ.)

That last bit was just trollish.  Actually your whole report was.  Like something on Daily Kos.  Huh. 

The only warning Canadians should get is about Canadians getting their information from this awful “news” channel, CBC Newsworld.  Canadians get dumber by the second as they watch it. 


This was followed immediately after by a “report” from CBC’s crack team of “U.S. political analysts” (this time they called them their “regular Washington watchers”), the far-left Huffington Post’s Rachel Sklar (which they don’t inform us is a far-left political blog), countered, for balance, by the even further left Daily Kos blogger Jeffrey Feldman (whom they chose, in their usual glib, disingenuous and ill-informing manner, to introduce as a “political author”—without informing us that he’s a far-left “political author”). 

They ripped Palin apart.  Totally dismantled everything she said.  Bashed her.  It was absolutely imbalanced muck.  All of it goaded on by the totally on-board “news” anchor Suhana Meharchand. 

Then they praised Obama and Biden.  Re “Palin’s performance”. 


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