CBC News star insinuates bashing Palin’s family is A-OK; passed baby around “like hot potato”

I think Henry Champ reads my blog.  After the Daily Kos and the Huffington Post and the Che Guevara-r-Us blog. 

An UPDATE of sorts: 

First, I note a different tone after my previous blog entry once again exposing the CBC’s Henry Champ, who bashed Sarah Palin earlier today in “news” reports as best he could given his obvious limitations (for instance, Palin is twice the intellectual power, and twice the man).  (You really should read the earlier blog entry first.) 

Mr. Champ totally changed his wording in a later broadcast when he was being interviewed by the boring and painful-to-watch, the self-described “no spin”-meister (à la Bill O’Reilly… oh my…), Don Newman, on the CBC’s lousy “Politics” show (which I simply call “the CBC’s Left-Wing Politics Show # 58”). 

Speaking of the now officially reviled by all leftists Sarah Palin again, Champ changed his tendentious “anti-abortion” wording to “pro-life… avidly pro-life”; and his (hopefully!) scary-sounding “NRA member” verbiage turned into “opposed to all forms of gun control”; among other things. 

For example, Champ also informed Canadians that “this woman”, Sarah Palin, (as I transcribe for your enjoyment…)

“…I don’t think she will succeed in … bring[ing] women into the camp—particularly those women who are disenchanted with the way Hillary Clinton uh fared in the Democratic primaries because after all, this is a women who is opposed to stem cell research

[a lie—she’s opposed to EMBRYONIC stem cell research —Joel], is pro-life, avidly uh pro-life, uh, in favor of gun uh, uh, muh, sorry opposed to all forms of gun control, wants to drill everywhere, including those uh pristine uh areas like uh ANWR up in the north.  [Yeah women generally are against that… ?!  —Joel.] This is a woman who doesn’t have many values, uh, and policies that liberals, Democrats, or even many independents can sink their teeth into…”


He left out the “opposed to gay marriage” thing, possibly because as I pointed out earlier, or because he got a memo from CBC HQ, so is The Great Obama and the vast majority of all Americans.

Then Don Newman carried on with him and made out like a couple of leftist gals chatting at the hard-left Daily Kos smear site:

Newman: …She sounded a bit like uh Spiro Agnew there with her attack on the media (“Yeah!”—Champ breaks in] and I heard uh criticism in Canada mind you uh, you know, there was this ‘don’t talk about my family and uh any controversies there’, yet she had them all lined up behind her and a baby was being passed around um sort of like a hot potato at one point!  Woman in particular that I was speaking with today didn’t find that too attractive!

Champ: No that’s uh certainly the case down here too on a column that I write for CBC.ca a lot of posters, all women, very upset about this.  People that I talk to didn’t like the idea that the baby was somehow being used as a prop.  You can’t have it both ways.  You can’t say ‘stay away from my family’ and then parade them around all the time.  It doesn’t work.”

Except it works for The Great Obama and his wife and kids, who were paraded around at their convention. 

These people are unbelievable. 

Mr. Champ says he has women posting comments on his column, huh?  I wonder if they are of the same quality and political stripe as the CBC commenter who wrote things like “THIS IS WHAT YOU DESERVE”, on a CBC news report regarding a Canadian soldier killed in Afghanistan.  So many similar comments were written at CBC.ca by its readers, that I started a special category called CBC Reader Comments, to help you all understand the quality of CBC commenters and how you should gauge their contribution to Canadian society; and to help you gain an understanding of the far, far hateful militant left, in this country. 

So I think Palin will have far better luck getting women—from all across the board—to fall into her camp of goodness and happiness, than Champ will in getting sane women to fall into the CBC’s and Champ’s camp of the hateful, dreadful, far-left idiot zealots.


State-owned and state-run media should be banned in this country, and that notion enshrined in our constitution.


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