CBC continues to promote Greenie leader in debate as part of their “news” agenda

Being the rabid anti-conservative opinion channel/website/festival, the socialists at the liberals’ state-owned and state-funded billion-dollar-per-year CBC Newsworld division seem to feel it is incumbent upon them to shout down all the voices of sanity with their state-sponsored stupidity; and with the enthusiastic help and abject stupidity of their loyal communist/socialist/hater CBC fans and website commenters. 

They keep breaking into actual news (you know, on the Harper “hidden agenda”, and constant


“news” from the likes of the far-left Sierra Club—who give the Conservatives an F+ grade—I’ve heard this 800 times now) with pretend “news reports” designed to help promote their own leftist and “green” agenda.  Hideously, they do this with the “news” that their far-left web site has lots of comments from people—just regular folks, those CBC fans, dontchaknow!—desperately wanting Greenie leader Elizabeth May to be allowed to debate the other party leaders (read: HARPER). Suddenly they’re all about the promotion of democracy. 

Here’s one comment they chose to feature, despite the hilarious irony; and moreover its inherent lie by insinuation: that being that “the government controls the media” (they wish):

Note that both the idiot commenter and the CBC seemed to miss the irony of this statement made on the state-owned, state-run media channel; and also note that the CBC “news” geniuses didn’t bother to correct the lie for the helpful information of Canadians, choosing instead to let the idea slide that it’s “the government” who is keeping their Green hero from the debates. 

But the CBC’s commenters are the same ones who, as I’ve pointed out, wrote things—with the approval of CBC moderators—like “THIS IS WHAT YOU DESERVE” and other such things regarding news reports of the deaths of our Canadian soldiers fighting in Afghanistan; and who routinely express pure HATE for anything and anybody remotely Christian or even anyone who dares to believe in God, and who constantly tell Christians to SHUT THE HELL UP and KEEP IT TO YOURSELVES and other tolerant things like that.  See my category in which I’ve documented some of their “compassion” and “tolerance” and “inclusion”

The CBC website is perhaps the most hateful, divisive website in North America.  Certainly among mainstream media sites is is.  But by golly they’re “green”. 

Like the CBC’s other sources for “expert opinion” and ‘analysis” on, say, U.S. politics, which include their “regular team” (their words) on U.S. politics—one of the team being from the far-left Huffington Post and the other, for balance, from the even further left Daily Kos hate and smear site—the CBC’s idea of “good, balanced sources” of information and opinion is radically different from that of normal sensible Canadians’. 

CBC.  They’re socialist loons. 

All the political parties in Canada support the CBC.  It makes you wonder what all of their hidden agenda are. 


State-owned and state-run media should be banned in this country, and that notion enshrined in our constitution.


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