Heather Mallick, CBC columnist, paid by you, exhibits her weekly hatred of conservatives

UPDATE 3:30 PM PDT:  Fox News Channel’s Britt Hume just ridiculed the “notoriously liberal CBC” and its columnist Heather Mallick for their hideous hate column on Sarah Palin.  See below for my YouTube video of the FNC clip.

Why does the state-owned, state-run media have extremist, far-left columnists being paid to write weekly, far-left, anti-conservative screeds on its taxpayer-funded web site?  Why do they have any opinion columnists at all? 

What kind of a country has a state-owned, state-run media competing against its own citizens in the forum of ideas in the political realm—or any realm at all? 

What kind of country has a state-owned, state-run media?  Complete with huge websites and radio station networks and satellite broadcasting and huge urban buildings and newsletters and iPod files and cartoons and kiddie fare. 

I’ve been asking these questions and pointing out exactly why I have, and giving detailed explanation after explanation and example after example to back up my assertions, for many years, almost every single day, including Sundays (which actually mean something to me). 

I try my hardest to counter the competition from the state and its extremist, far-left site, the CBC, with my own money and time, through this comparatively humble citizen web site.  Very few people have sent money to help me —a situation about which I never complain.  (I constantly get asked for financial and other help by other groups, of course, and I do).  I have, for years, paid famous columnists out of my own pocket (and simply arranged for others) to help me counter the state—my state—in its effort to castigate me and my ilk—plain old conservative Canadians—and our ideology, through their use of opinion columnists tendentious, biased reporting and re-runs of Michael Moore “documentaries”, and to help advocate for a better Canada through conservatism and traditional Canadian values. 

I’m fighting my own country who’s fighting back against everything I stand for… with my own money. 

What kind of country is that? 

My mantra has been that state-owned media should be banned in this country and that notion enshrined in our constitution

But in the meantime, read this CBC columnist and conservative-hater Heather Mallick column at the CBC.ca web site this week.

Then I would invite you to please consider sending me lots of money. 

The Conservative Party has enough of your money.  And mine, by the way. 

And the government clearly has way too much already.

And please don’t forget to read our PTBC columnists

And courtesy of the digging by long-time PTBC contributor (with cash and in every other possible way) “conservativegal”, read this long but worthwhile counterpoint to that specific Mallick screed, written by a sober, lucid American blogger.

Also this, by National Post editor Jonathon Kay: “Another week, another disgrace at the CBC”; and his followup—a reader complaint to the CBC:  “Wouldn’t it be great if the CBC were as professionally run and politically impartial as NBC?”(And please forgive the slightly misguided Mr. Kay for thinking NBC is “impartial” rather than “in the tank” for liberals and particularly Obama—even after their recent firings of Olbermann and Matthews from their anchor desks—read comments here.)

And this by a blogger at Michelle Malkin’s HotAir.com:  “Hatred in Canada alive and well”.

And of course don’t forget my CBC Reader Comments category of recent blog entries featuring HATE and VILE CBC-APPROVED COMMENTS by CBC-nurtured fans.


I just posted this YouTube video of a Fox News Channel clip, which picked up on Heather Mallick’s moonbattery.  I called it “Far left CBC’s farther left Heather Mallick moonbattery”

While I was revisiting this blog entry, I found some other blog entries I’ve written about Heather Mallick:

I’ve exposed her repeatedly for her anti-conservative hate-fests before, numerous times.   Yes here’s but just one more


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