The CBC-nurtured fans and commenters dutifully express their vile hate and idiocy on 9/11

Almost exactly as they do whenever a Canadian soldier dies on the post-9/11 Afghanistan battlefield (in which they write things like “THIS IS WHAT YOU DESERVE” and hundreds of other almost exactly like-minded thoughts—which the CBC moderators approve), today, on the anniversary of the Islamofascist declaration of war on America and the west, the CBC’s well-trained hate-speak moonbats bring out their idiot clubs to represent …using our tax dollars. 

I refuse to spend any more time at that vile, divisive hate site (the state-owned, state-run site) than I have to— particularly today, 9/11 — so I only managed to spend three seconds there and found these three comments.  There’s dozens or hundreds more. 

I suggest you banish from your children.  Use a filter to ensure your children never go there. In this case, it’s a question of respect, among other things. 

Moses25 wrote:
Posted 2008/09/11 at 5:46 AM ET

What a load of crap. The whole thing was a hoax so that the States could declare war on another “enemy”. Yep, the States always needs an enemy to keep its economy from descending into a recession or even depression. The United States of America is a war machine. The country was founded by war; the country will eventually disintegrate because of it. It really is a shame that Canada has to be a neighbouring country. Look at all the strife we Canadians go through because of our proximity to the States.

9/11…Don’t believe the hype!!


David 007 wrote:
Posted 2008/09/11 at 5:40 AM ET

It was 7 years today that the Bush-Cheney regime (U.S. Military Industrial Complex) blew the world trade centers (1,2,7) to kingdom come with high-tech “DEMOLITION EXPLOSIVES.” Many of the 47 core columns in the sub-basements were blown-out before the remote-controlled military planes hit the two towers. There were over 1000 people in each tower when they crumbled as fine dust to the ground at free-fall speed. The “NEO-CONS” committed this atrocious act because they required a high death toll (more then Pearl Harbor) to justify their implementation of illegal war measures. 9/11 was an “INSIDE JOB” or a “SELF INFLICTED WOUND”. The U.S. government has a long history of murdering it’s citizens dating back to the Spanish-American war in 1898. The attack on their surveilance ship the “Liberty” on June 8, 1967 in the 6 day war between the Arab countries and Israel is another example. Bush has murdered over a million human-beings in Afghanistan and Iraq. He is going straight to hell.

funstuf wrote:
Posted 2008/09/11 at 9:52 AM ET

9/11 – There was more to it than the government admits.
Perhaps they were involved with the Saudis but we may never know.

Personally I think the fact that the US Airforce sent their planes in the wrong direction on purpose proves that there was something more going on.

You conspriacy deniers may not like it, but pretty hard to believe that 19 guys with boxcutters could take over 4 planes and do the deed – I think they had some US ’ black flag’ operations help.

Steel structures on fire do not collapse as the towers plus building 7 went down, just check the history of buildings on fire. b-52 bomber crashed into the empire state – did not collapse either.

In 50 years maybe the truth will come out, until then believe what ever you want but you may be denying the biggest conspriracy of all….

Bush put in some really powerful legislation after that to remove privacy and took control over the middle east oil supply – which is what the whole show was about.

America has to have OIL – does not matter how much blood is requred for that.


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