CBC’s “reporter” Neil Macdonald on Sarah Palin: Best at “talking about hunting moose”

Don’t reporters report the news, generally speaking?  When did the state-owned state-employed CBC’s reporters transform into purveyors of their inevitably left-wing or far-left-wing opinions about things?  And how exactly does this benefit Canada?  How is it that Canada “needs” this? 
image Here’s how the state-owned CBC’s ostensible reporter, Neil Macdonald, “reported” when asked what he can tell Canadians about this evening’s Sarah Palin interview by the left-wing (but not nearly as left-wing) NBC network:

Neil Macdonald: Well I thought I was listening to someone who has spent her life in the incubator of a sparsely occupied, you know, remote state dealing with the parochial concerns of a small town mayor which is what she was until not too long ago …  it was almost as if Charlie Gibson was toying with her …

Really what this woman is best at doing is being a populist and you know spouting campaign boiler plate and talking about hunting moose and riding on snowmobiles and bringing “change”, without defining what change is which is what a lot of politicians do nowadays so you know…

Asked how it might “play” tomorrow (as if that’s a fact-based, news report-related issue to ask a reporter rather than an opinion columnist or, say, a Heather Mallick):

Neil Macdonald: Well you know, uh uh, my guess is that people who think she is a uh, a, you know, a wonderful multi-tasking super-mom salt-of-the-Earth person will think the same thing tomorrow—people tend to hear what they want to hear; and the people that think she’s a glassy-eyed fundamentalist Bible-thumper will think the same thing tomorrow…

Next time maybe they’ll ask Heather Mallick for the latest “news” on Sarah Palin.  At least it would be funnier. 



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