Email from reader who viewed CBC this morning.


Dear Dean,

Sorry you watched the CBC this morning.  I hope you’re OK.  And I hope you have access to Canada’s best channel, Fox News Channel, so as to regrow your brain cells and get more fully informed.  It is possible.  I do it daily. 

I long ago created a new CBC logo in a communist, hammer and sickle motif, but was warned by someone that the CBC could sue me for using it because it was based on “their” trademark.  Humor is not allowed vis-a-vis pictures of Mohammad, as we’ve found out from the Islamofascists, or possibly the CBC. 

Nonetheless, here is a spoof, a humorous, a sarcastic, a satirical, sardonic, just-for-fun logo I created:

CBC logo in communist motif© 2008 Joel Johannesen – CBC may not steal this – offer not valid in Quebec for some weird reason. Che Guevara is sexy.  Vote liberal. Peace.

I’m worried that if you or me made a sticker with the CBC logo and a cross through it the liberals’ “Human Rights” Commission division would bust you and me (or whichever of us is a bigger threat to the Church of Liberalism or Socialism) for hateful “thought crimes” against an identifiable group (Communists).

Nonetheless, here’s a possible sticker idea.  It is to protest the Children’s Book Council.  Or the Congressional Black Caucus.



P.S. Please say it with me:  State-owned and state-run media should be banned in this country, and that notion enshrined in the constitution.


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