For the blithe, duplicitous, and yet seemingly arrogantly self-satisfied “reporters” and editors in Canada’s liberal-left dinosaur mainstream media, particularly those who are simply liars, or those who seek to obfuscate and whitewash over pertinent facts (as, say, Lee-Anne Goodman, of the Canadian Press in her fanciful, tendentious story today; and all those newspapers who harbor her story):  Let’s see if we can’t expose you once again for the total farce that you are as “reporters” of facts. 

• Not just another common private, citizen-owned news/opinion TV station,
magazine, or web site. 
• No, not for a personal blog.
• Yes, she actually writes POLITICAL OPINIONS for a STATE-OWNED MEDIA…
• …For some reason with which possibly only Iranians or North Koreans could relate.

• Yes, that is more than half the point.

So please stop looking down on us; spare us the CBC comparison with the private National Post or the Globe and Mail or indeed Fox News Channel and their Greta Van Susteren (the “reporter” Lee-Anne Goodman calls Fox News “right-wing” in her “news” story, which in and of itself betrays her utter ignorance, but without ever identifying the CBC as even remotely “left-wing” —or of course state owned).  Or with any other private media or columnist or privately-paid opinionator employed by regular people—like me—or companies or web site—like PTBC—who make it our avocation to analyze news and express opinions. 

Even the CBC has the unmitigated gall to pretend it compares to the private sector media, to wit: the bunkum written by them to those citizens who dare complain to them about Mallick and her moonbat, state-paid opinions. (Actual quote from one of their emails:  “I should be clear right away that CBC NEWS.CA – like the National Post or The Globe and Mail – contains stories about the news of the day as well as columnists who express an opinion about some of those events.” ).



  You know only too well (and perhaps it pains you), as we Canadians all know, that those comparisons are completely absurd. Those media are different in every conceivable way, and have different responsibilities (such as, for example, they are not mandated with “contribut[ing] to shared national consciousness and identity” (—CBC Mandate according the Broadcasting Act), or charged with helping foster a united Canada and bringing Canadians together; nor are they charged with the responsibly of divesting over one BILLION dollars per year of MY MONEY by working against me and everything I stand for (WITH MY MONEY).  Nor are they Agents of Her Majesty (i.e., crown corporations), or owned by Canada.  They don’t report to Canada’s Parliament.  They are not a branch of any government. 

So stop with your condescension, all of you. 

Canadians aren’t as stupid as you think they are. 

Repeatedly Asked Joel’s Questions of the Day:
1. Why does a state-owned media employ political opinion columnists?  At all?  What is the crucial taxpayer need for that?
2. What kind of a country competes against its own citizens in the forum of ideas—particularly political ideas?  And for profits? And political advocacy?  Using our own taxpayer cash against us


State-owned and state-run media should be BANNED in this country, and that notion enshrined in our constitution.


Know The Enemy

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