Dion promises “more fun”, thanks to HUNDREDS of MILLIONS in “government” cash taken from your wallet

Liberals promise official “fun”, provided and paid for by the benevolent government.  Kind of like they do in communist dictatorships, where “fun” and culture doesn’t just happen, it is created by, sanctioned, and funded by the state.  In state books, movies, TV, radio, and in state “thee-ate-ers”.

Here’s an actual transcript taken from part of a dialogue on the state-owned, state-run, BILLION TAXPAYER DOLLAR PER YEAR CBC, just now, starting with a clip of their Liberal Frenchman Stephane (the “Green Guru”) Dion.  (Then observe how the liberal media deploy this familiar tactic in their war on Conservatives every chance they get:  They start sentences with the likes of, “Conservatives refuse to apologize,” or “Tories aren’t backing down on their statement that…”, or “is there any sign the Conservatives are relenting or re-thinking their policy?”). 

CLIP of Liberal Frenchman Stephane Dion: “…And we’ll have a great compelling investment in arts and culture that will be more than a half a billion dollars over four years [Dion issues a sheepish grin].  Some will say ‘done do dat the ecunumy has diff-i-culties’.  Well!!  If there is a return to investment that vree advantageous, is when you invest in arts and culture.  And beyond that, we want to have fun in life!!  [grin]  With a Liberal government Canada will have more movies, more novels, more thee-ate-ers, and more music!!”  [grin, and wild applause from Liberal fans… end of clip].
CBC Newsworld Anchor Nancy Wilson: More fun in life!  [gleefully] That’ll get people’s attention fer sure!!  So if the Liberals and New Democrats ‘r pushing hard on this issue, is there any sign that the Conservatives are relenting at all or rethinking their policy?

CBC reporter Julie Van Dusen;  Well, so far no.  Uh the Prime Minister in making the cuts basically said he didn’t want to fund programs that Canadians weren’t interested in the Conservatives are making the argument now that they actually put more money into funding than the liberals did 8% more however that extra money is really going into more sports programs that are funded by Heritage not so much arts programs so uh as you know the PM is trying to win more seats in Quebec but specifically they’re in the regions not so much in Montreal which is uh always a fight between the Liberals and the Bluc Quebecois so uh so far he is not uh relenting on his uhm on his approach to these arts programs.

CBC Newsworld Anchor Nancy Wilson: OK very interesting…

It’s more and more like we’re living in Insane-ville in this country.  And not just because we have liberal/far-left politicians saying things like what I’ve translated from the socialist to English, above, but because their media doesn’t even remotely question the veracity of it or the very sanity of it.  They laugh and enjoy the fact that a potential Prime Minister is actually promising a government “fun” program—more of their state-created “culture” and “fun”—using countless hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars taken from taxpayers’ wallets.  In the middle of a financial crisis. 

And they choose instead to question whether the Conservatives are “relenting” or “re-thinking” their (sane) policies. 

The fact that this media behavior—in which they’re so demonstrably liberal-leftist that they don’t even know how liberal they are anymore (or worse, they do know) —betrays their own far-left world view of course (to say nothing of their abject left-wing “news reporting” bias).  But most Canadians don’t get Fox News Channel, thus they don’t get anything but liberal and far-left liberal or socialist views to compare anything to, so they don’t even know. 

Canadians don’t balk and laugh them out of the room, which I find pretty distressing, indicating I need more state cash funded “fun” program (and “early learning” —wink!) help from our benevolent government. 



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