“Artists” and “actors” mug for cameras and act-out like they’re literally being led to slaughter

“Artists” held a “news” conference (and anti-Harper festival!) today, to bash (no, not “critique”) Prime Minister Harper today, for the CBC fawners. 

Naturally, left-wing central casting, the CBC, carried it all, live.  They couldn’t get enough of it.  This was their people.  Harper-bashers with good voices.  Good makeup.  Good lighting.  Scripts.  Little jokes and bon mots at the ready. 

One after one, each one presuming that we knew them like we know Brad Pitt, they presented their rehearsed little screed, each one as if pleading not just for still more hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars than they currently get from your wallet, but rather, pleading for their very lives.  Each thespian pretended, with their deceptive little story line, that the evil Mr. Harper and manifestly the whole neo-con industrial complex hates “the arts”, and that of course being conservatives rather than the more proper socialists or Marxists, want to eliminate all funding—all of it—end it all—for all arts—immediately upon being re-elected. Unless Harper is defeated, all arts will be cancelled. 

Not even a shred of evidence that they were embarrassed about their little deception.

Government being responsible to taxpayers and managing budgets properly = “censorship”.  And proves you’re a boor.  Proves you “don’t understand the arts”.  Proves you’re but a Neanderthal.  Beneath contempt.  Anti “arts”.  An “arts hater”.  Indeed, anti-Canada.  You’re not even a Canadian unless you agree.  Something’s not right in your head.  You are literally insane. 

Alberta Watson looks down her Charlie Gibson glasses and lectures Harper on history Most were utterly condescending to Harper and conservatives generally, and to anyone who doesn’t yearn to load taxpayer cash on them;  each one snotty.    One unknown, snotty, arrogant egoist began her Charlie Gibson to Sarah Palin-like lecture looking down at us over her glasses, with “I’m going to start by giving Harper a little history lesson … Michelangelo was subsidized!”  (I looked up her own “history” —Alberta Watson dropped out of high school when she was 15.  Harper got two university degrees and studied piano through the Royal Conservatory course program.) 

Most of them betrayed an utterly anti-American sentiment.  The big danger in Canada today is “deregulation” —and that we’ll get American TV if we’re not careful, and that would be a disaster!!!!  They’re capitalists!  As we all agree, the Americans are the bane of our existence, and we are of course better than them.  We are of a superior race!   [All the assembled artists in the audience clapping on cue… Yes! Hate them! They’re not like us!]

I’d never heard of any single one of them, although as they approached the podium and announced their name, each one had a built-in pause for applause that never came.  They all seemed to think—and they all acted like—they were all world famous and moreover, in no unmistakable way, erudite, and more significant, and important, and knowledgeable than you or I.  On every matter.  Not just poetry. 

Gordon Pinsent, the only name I vaguely recognized, said he knows about Harper’s “master plan”.  (I got the feeling that that “master plan” part was giving away too much of their Harper-bashing script, and the others seemed to feel uncomfortable that he gave away the plot line like that).  He droned on, painfully slowly, lecturing us ad nauseam.  When he started talking about “censoring”, even the CBC felt the tension in the room, and rather than allow him to embarrass all his comrades in the room and Canadians generally even further, chose to break away from the vital, live “news” coverage. 

It was all on the state-owned, billion-dollar-per-year, CBC.  So even this little anti-Harper political event was taxpayer subsidized. 

All in all it was a boring, snot-filled sob-fest of whiners and Marxists and hyperventilating over-actors who demand like babies their perceived God-given “entitlements” as “artists”.  I won’t watch the 8,000 sequels. 


More bon mots from the artists’ anti-Harper “news conference” (and Festival!):

Richard Hardacre - ACTRA president(On Stephen Harper):  ”..[He’s] treating artists with

outrageous contempt!!  Well you gotta wonder: what exactly does this man

plan to do with the creative arts of this country?!!”
Richard Hardacre, the well-pancaked President of the über entitled-to-their-taxpayer-entitlements actors’ union, ACTRA

Well at least there’s no “contempt” on his part. 

I now understand the “news conference” event (and Festival!) was held in none other than the extremely fancy, state-owned, state-funded Glenn Gould Theatre (seen at left—take a good look because it will OBVIOUSLY be DEMOLISHED! by the Harper neo-cons!), located at the mammoth taxpayer “artist” black hole, the CBC studios in Toronto, and owned by the CBC. 

Because there are no private rooms in Canada. And because everything “art” must be government-funded.  Because it’s a “Canadian Value”. 

Vote liberal. 

The usually liberal-luvin’ commenters at the liberals’ Globe and Mail division are blasting the “artists” by a ratio of about twenty to one, in their story



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