“COME ON ALREADY!!!!!!” —- Ugh. I’m going to have to boycott CBC’s advertisers.

Apparently CBC Newsworld can’t attract enough advertisers and the one for “GreyPower.com” insurance has to be repeated 8,000 times per day on Canada’s state-owned media.  And of course it’s one of the most excruciatingly shrill, annoying ads ever created, which only makes CBC Newsworld even more redundant. 

Maybe the CBC is officially going for the “already insane” demographic. 

image  image
“Come on already!!!!!!!!!!  Let’s go!!!!!!!!!!!!” 
“You don’t drive like her, and you shouldn’t pay the same insurance premiums as her!”

Why would companies advertise on a far-left socialism-reliant web site anyway?  Don’t they believe in capitalism?  I would think they if they believed in capitalism they wouldn’t support that outfit. 

They are literally helping an outfit that works against me and everything I stand for.  Why would I support them in any way, shape, or form? 

So they’re driving me crazy on at least two levels.  I will never buy anything from “Greypower.com”. 

They should really support capitalism-advocating media.  Maybe they’re yella.

“ING Direct” is getting close too.  “Save your money” is their repeated line, ironically, considering they’re advertising on the BILLION DOLLAR PER YEAR taxpayer-funded left-wing CBC.  I’d love to “save my money”.  If the government would let me keep my money, I promise I’d save it in my ING account. 

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