CBC banner under Bush: “Republican Revolt”.

Pronunciation:  ri-ˈvōlt also -ˈvȯlt
Function:    verb
Etymology:    Middle French revolter, from Old Italian rivoltare to overthrow, from Vulgar Latin *revolvitare, frequentative of Latin revolvere to revolve, roll back
Date:  1539

intransitive verb

What induces revulsion in you?  Terrorism?  Liars?  People who are deceptive and anti-American or who think they are superior to others?  Abortion? 

Well then you may not work for the CBC. 

Golly Canadian viewers, we didn’t mean it that way—it’s just that you TOOK it the wrong way!  Sorry you took it the wrong way!

…Because there are just no other words to describe the notion that some Republicans in the U.S. Congress are rightly fighting back against the financial rescue plan.  “REPUBLICANS REBEL?”   No.  Crazy.   “BUSH WANTS CONSENSUS”.  Nah.  These things don’t promote the idea of revulsion against Republicans and the Republican President of the United States. 


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