Liberal candidate—and ex-CBC “journalist”—FIRED; Jews were cleared of World Trade Towers!

UPDATES added since initial posting…

As if to prove how totally inept and how snuggled in bed with their media Team Liberal is—the MEDIA TOLD HER about her firing—reading off a memo from team Liberal—before Team Liberal even told her about it. 

The state-owned-CBC—her former employer where she worked as a “journalist”—makes no mention of “gaffe” or “Liberal Party intolerance” nor “Liberal loon” in their “oh yeah and there’s this little tidbit…”-style news coverage, just now. 

Liberal Lesley Hughes allegedly insinuates in an editorial column and/or blog entry, that the Bush administration helped clear the World Trade Towers of Jews before the towers were hit by the terrorists in their attacks.  Israeli intelligence warned the United States in advance of the 9-11 attack on the World Trade Center and “Israeli businesses” vacated the premises before the attack, she allegedly said. 

She also allegedly directed folks to websites that had solid Rosie O’Donnell-type information like “CIA foreknowledge and complicity of highly placed officials in the U.S. administration around the attacks on the twin towers.” 

The Liberal Party, “Canada’s Natural Governing Party” as the media calls them, is not ‘intolerant” however.




Here’s a link to some of her lunacy, in which she said things like:

“…More important to Canadians, the facts uncovered by Internet journalism suggest that the war in Afghanistan has little to do with the attacks of Sept.11; that it’s the result of lengthy failed negotiations between American businessmen and the Taliban over access to drugs and oil…”

Reminder:  Not a “gaffe”.  She was a “journalist” for the CBC, after all.

Actual comments by commenters:

Dan the Socialist wrote:
Posted 2008/09/26 at 5:36 AM ET
What is so wrong with what she said? I have a feeling she is right. There is a movie at prison Planet called “Fabled Enemies” and I would suggest many of you need to watch it.

Mr.Canada wrote:
Posted 2008/09/26 at 12:43 AM ET
[…] Anti-Semetism my ass! She calls it like it is. Get over it. If the truth is too much for you to handle, then perhaps you should take the blue pill and wake up happy like everyone in the Matrix.

Conspiracy theories are not theories if they are fact.
Get over it. …




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