The media senses Conservative win. Beginning to panic. ABORTION TIME!

Today the liberals’ media division finally (finally!) brought up the liberal-left’s favorite topic:  abortion.  It has been at least 47 minutes since the last time they brought that up. 

The media love abortion!  So they ask Prime Minister Harper Harper and every Conservative about abortion every time they think the timing’s JUST right. 

Last election, when the media smelled a possible Conservative victory, the CBC was all over the abortion.  I still have a cardboard box full of VCR tapes from the last election—at least ten tapes—which I specifically kept just because each one has several examples in which the state-owned CBC’s reporter Julie Van Dusen brought up abortion.  I had to switch to various digital disk recordings since the last election because abortion is brought up so many times, at the CBC especially, I no longer have room in my house to store all the taped evidence of what I as a sober media observer see as the media’s anti-conservative and pro-abortion agenda. 

But as we know, the last election and all the time between the last election and this one, Canada has been doing nothing but talking about the abortion.  And these days, what with the terrorism wars and financial turmoil, abortion is foremost on everybody’s mind.  The kids can’t stop talking about abortion.  It’s all the rage around the water cooler.  So your media is on top of it! 

And today the media did it in such as way as to fake you out.  It was a little live lie festival, and all the media play it—or allow it to be played by others (perhaps they agree beforehand who will advance the issue daily).  They pretended today that, by golly, after all these years, they still weren’t clear on Harper’s stand on abortion. 

They’re aren’t clear in much the same way that I’m not clear on the media’s agenda. 

Of course Harper’s been asked about it by them approximately 108,000 times now.  But they think by asking him on live TV again, Canadians (who they think all love the abortion) will freak out and vote for one of the other more “traditional” abortion parties like the Liberal Abortion party, or the “New” Democratic Abortion party, because abortion is the single most important issue at this time in our history. 

A French reporter from the leftist Le Devoir (in French): 
“There have been many demonstrations during the past weekend in Montreal, Vancouver, pertaining to the position taken by your party on abortion.  You and the Conservatives has been labeled as being against ‘choice’, anti-choice, by stages.  And so therefore I’d like you to clarify this position.  You did vote in favor of C-484, but I’ve never heard you tell why you supported the bill.  And if you had any link with the debate on abortion.  And as a sub-question, are you ready to assure various groups that not only will you not introduce a bill on abortion, but if a private bill were to be introduced in the House, you would vote against that bill.”

Prime Minister Harper:
“Well the answer is YES…”  [Every Canadian who isn’t high on crack knows his full answer by now]


Then they asked about abortion again, two minutes later, because apparently the previous answer from Harper was so clear and unhelpful to their cause and they didn’t get the sound bite they wanted (oh please sound pro-life this time so we can nail your ass to the wall, you neo-con!). 

French reporter (Gilles Dupain?) from the socially leftist La Presse:
“Greetings Mr. Harper I just want to check something on what you told Mrs. [B___] a moment ago if I understood correctly.  You are willing to commit today, to Canadians, in not tolerating, in your ranks, a real opening of a debate on abortion in the House of Commons.”

Prime Minister Harper: “That is totally correct, yes…” [Every Canadian who isn’t high on crack knows his full answer by now].

Then the CBC’s Julie Van Dusen brought it up again this morning in her “reporting” of what went on so far today in their reporting.  (They think their reporting is the real story here.  And actually, it is, but only ironically.  It’s not the real story in the same way they think it is). 

She didn’t have anything to report about it, except that it was brought up.  She brought it up to explain that it was brought up. 

This was all before 7:30 AM. 

But don’t worry, there is no media or left-wing pro-abortion party collusion here.  Trust them.  They’re the media.  They’re “progressive”. Vote liberal.  For the abortions. 

As we all know, all the major parties including the Conservative Party are in favor of the current situation, in which there is no abortion law in Canada.  No, there are no limits whatsoever.  Not against totally limitless abortions at any time including even at nine months—it simply doesn’t matter in Canada under the liberal-left “progressive” philosophy.  Not even against abortions taking place mere moments before natural birth at nine months.  Any pregnancy, for any reason or no reason at all whatsoever, at any age, all abortion are A-OK, and paid for by taxpayers.  No party favors creating any law whatsoever concerning abortion. 

As we know, because we’re told by liberals and the left and the media, abortion is (and I quote) a “Canadian Value”.  And we are to celebrate it as a nation and honor those who love the abortion and operate abortion mills. 

Meanwhile, abortion is actually the most disgusting thing ever thought of by humans. 


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