CBC Newsworld reports on Saturday Night Live sketch—and adds extra info!

Hey I wonder why the state-run CBC is covering this “news”! 

Just a few minutes ago, over the CBC Newsworld banner “SARAH’S MELTDOWN” (please advise as to what they meant by that, thanks!), the state-owned CBC “reported” on a sketch presented two days ago by the fair and balanced set at NBC’s Saturday Night Live. 

I think this is for Canadian national unity purposes. 


It was helpfully set up by the CBC Newsworld’s Nancy (“very interesting!”) Wilson:

“Turning our attention to politics in the United States and we certainly know that in the U.S., that some of the best political analysis actually comes from satire, from comedy, even from parody.  Tina Fey, as you know, is supposed to have moved on and left Saturday Night Live behind but when ya strike gold, it’s hard to resist!  On Saturday, Fey was back to reprise her new, favorite character—the real character named Sarah Palin, who granted Katie Couric of CBS an exclusive interview last week while she was in New York.”

[The Palin-mocking skit is then played, in which Couric asks Palin a question, and Palin answers in a way that only Republicans could… like she’s a total moron]

Then afterward, CBC’s Wilson helpfully added this little factoid that she or her crack squad of intrepid research journalists dug up:

CBC Newsworld Nancy (“very interesting!”) Wilson:
“Here’s the thing!  A note about the writing of that comedy skit:  If ya call up the real interview on the CBS web site?  You will notice that Palin’s answer to that question is the same, almost word-for-word!  Some things just write themselves!!” 


I’m so sure. 

And then it was on to other news, like playing the statement by Democrat House Leader Nancy Pelosi as she bashed the Bush Administration, and laid full blame on the Administration for causing the current financial crisis, in one of the most egregious lies I’ve heard since Bill Clinton—or perhaps ever in my life. 

And the geniuses at the CBC did not comment on that lie

Now THAT’s funny. 



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