UPDATED—Bare-Ass Bob Rae & CBC & liberal media in picayune campaign insanity: Harper “PLAGIARISM!”

See below as CBC provides cover for Dion’s, um, “misrepresentation” of his own “facts”

Anti-Conservative Non-issue of the Day
now being perpetrated by CBC and Julie Van Dusen

image Bare-Ass Bob Rae (seen at left on CBC after he took all his clothes off for the nation he hoped to lead, presumably with pants on) has held one of the most ridiculous, most picayune “news” conferences in election history, in which he pretends to “prove”—using side-by-side TV sets—that Stephen Harper “plagiarized” a speech five years ago—using the same words used by Prime Minister Howard of Australia during the start of the Iraq war.  You know, the way approximately 8,000 people who were all on the same page were doing. 

John Howard: “Saddam Hussein is a threat…”
Stephen Harper: “Saddam Hussein is a threat…”

John Howard: “…failed to comply with U.N.”
Stephen Harper: “…failed to comply with U.N.”

Voila!  It’s like they agree! 

But undaunted by the hideousness of Bare-Ass Bob Rea and Team Liberal’s latest folly, the obedient CBC and their “news” reporter Julie Van Dusen are having emotional orgasms over it.  Reporting it seriously.  With no smirks.  Like it’s not the joke that it actually is.  It’s literally their main election story today.

They aren’t even embarrassed. 

Here’s your “proof”: Watching the CBC makes you stupider by the minute. 

As does voting for Liberals. 


• Dion was caught lifting exact words and platforms from his left brain, David Suzuki.  I won’t even cite the proof.

• Team Liberal stole the words “Green Shift” from a private citizen without asking, and had to be threatened with lawsuits and agree to settle.  I won’t even cite the evidence. 


Stephane Dion misrepresented his own insane accusation with regard to “plagiarism”. (Is this “fraud”?!  Who cares!) 

In a news


scrum just now, lasting about 3 hours and covered live by CBC, Dion accused Harper of “plagiarizing” not Prime Minister John Howard of Australia, as the original story line went this morning, but “evolved” it — “progressive-ed” it — to become a plagiarism of none other than George W. Bush.  Dion did this not just once.  He did this four times.  (No media called him on it, no, not once). 

He started out by saying that Harper was plagiarizing not Howard but George Bush’s “Coalition of the Willing”, then went ahead and just



invented a new story —one more to his liking because he loves invoking “Bush” into his talking points as much as possible. 

He said these exact words (at some points looking directly at the camera instead of the reporter/questioner—almost as if this was planned ahead of time):

• “Stephen Harper plagiarized the Coalition of the Willing’s George W. Bush about the war in Iraq.  Stephen Harper should be EXPELLED [as in from school!]…”

• [Then In French]:
Mr. Harper copied a speech from the coalition with respect to the Iraq war… “


•  “He’s unable to chose his own words—he chose the words of the Coalition of the Willing … so you have two problems—plagiarize, but at the same time, plagiarize George W. Bush about the war in Iraq.  …”

• [Then in French]:
“… Not only did he commit plagiarism, which is inexcusable, but he plagiarized George W. Bush in the Iraq war which means he simply cannot remain the Prime Minister of this country!  …”

• “Stephen Harper was using the words of George W. Bush and Mr. Chretien the Liberal government has been strong enough…”

[Then back to “English”]:
•  “Well Harper is the vree old neo-conservative approach vree conservative approach that failed everywhere, and he’s plagiarizing George Bush in addition to it…”


Then the CBC anchor Nancy (“very interesting!”) Wilson, in providing the helpful Cliff Notes (rewrite?) afterward, misrepresented (corrected? Covered for Dion?) what Dion actually said.  She said: 

“Liberal leader Stephane Dion is speaking in Gatineau Quebec uh with some harsh words for Jack Layton he says the NDP leader has no credibility for Stephen Harper and he says that Harper on foreign policy matters like Iraq does not speak with uh Canada’s voice also harsh words for George Bush saying that Harper is actually copying the record and uh conduct of George Bush.  And uh that is the latest in campaign events….

COMING UP, time permitting:

If I find time, I’ll count the number of times Dion said the name Bush.  It’s at least a dozen.  Each time sounding like it’s with an irrational and absolute contempt for the U.S. President.  No, I’d say hate, actually. 

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