Ex CBC state-employed, state clown Mary Walsh—in unhinged Harper Derangement Syndrome idiocy

Pro-life rallies attracting hundreds or thousands of people don’t attract the interest of the esteemed CBC, who are uniquely qualified to know what real news is.  Real news is apparently those things that are advocating of rabidly left-wing things. 

So no, they don’t even bother to cover some things for you in their state-owned, state-funded “news” service.  But accumulate “about two dozen” idiots to bash Harper in a deranged, unhinged display of idiocy, and the CBC dutifully writes it up like it’s pure news gold.  News that all Canadians should know about.  For the unity, no doubt.  To bring Canadians together and advance our national discourse, perhaps.  To provide a real service to Canadians —a service which is otherwise lacking from 800 far better citizen-owned services against which they compete with your tax dollars…

Mary Walsh The big news star is former state-owned CBC “artist” employee, Mary Walsh (see left in what could be a pose at one of those fancy arts galas).  She was hired by the state-owned media to make official state funny for us erstwhile poor, dark, sad, Canadians  —a people who of course wouldn’t—couldn’t—possibly have the same opportunity that the more fortunate Americans have —to laugh without the benevolent state’s help through the state media, what with its state-employed clowns. 

Walsh held a weird little party last night for her massive number of fans (apparently they number in the magnitude of “about two dozen”). 

The state-owned media dutifully reports it today as if it’s a “news” story —yes this is reported as a “news” story on the CBC web site.  It’s “election news!”

Take your sweater-vest and get lost, Warrior Princess tells Harper

St. John’s actor Mary Walsh revived a formerly retired character on a damp, foggy beach Monday night to make a fiery political point about Stephen Harper.

Walsh dressed as Princess Warrior Marg Delahunty at Middle Cove Beach, just north of St. John’s, to denounce the Conservative leader’s policies before the Oct. 14 federal election.

Participants at the event Walsh sponsored were invited to toss sweater-vests — like a blue one Harper wears in much-discussed TV ads aimed at softening his image — into a bonfire.

“I thought, ‘Well, there’s not very much I can do, I suppose, but I could go down and burn a few sweater-vests,’ ” Walsh told about two dozen participants.

About half a dozen knitted sweater-vests were dropped into the fire. Walsh, though, earned the biggest crowd response when she tossed a large picture of Harper into the fire, even though it took a while to burn.

Walsh created Delahunty as a blunt, straight-talking woman with a St. John’s accent and a medieval-fantasy costume, who barged into politicians’ events, invitations be damned.

However, she has not been seen in Warrior Princess garb since she left the CBC series This Hour Has 22 Minutes in 2004.


Calls Harper ‘iceberg of a prime minister’ 

Appearing in character, Walsh described Harper as “an iceberg of a prime minister” surrounded by underlings too terrified to speak.

“How stunned does the prime minister think we are?” Walsh yelled out, as a bonfire crackled. …

She quit the massively needed state-provided state-funded clown show This Hour has 22 Minutes in 2004, so she’s not currently employed by the state, but I bet she gets all manner of state funding for all manner of “performance art” from one government ministry or another, for “art” not very much unlike this travesty of far-left lunatic “comedy” “art”. 


State-owned and state-run media should be banned in this country, and that notion enshrined in our constitution. 

(And do go ahead with all those supposed “cuts” to “the arts”, pronto.)

(Hat tip to conservativegal)


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