CBC’s Doctor News W. Anchor prescribes… AWFULNESS! (Take daily!)

I tacked this onto a previous blog entry but it’s, why it’s “infectious”!  So I created a separate blog entry—or “wound” if you like. 


Just now:

Like a Doctor with the world’s worst bedside manner, on a story about the coming Congressional vote on the financial rescue package in the U.S., the CBC forgets to insert all manner of “so-called” and what nots, unlike when they’re talking about the “so-called war on terror”, for example, and goes all medical on us: 

CBC Newsworld anchor, Doctor Andrew Nichols – “As Allison points out, the vote can still go either way and it’s really only a general treatment planned for a very sickly patient—the U.S. economy!  Its latest vital signs show just how sickly and infectious that patient is !!

  As usual Jeannie Lee is watching the market reaction for us and Jeannie, what are we seeing in this countdown to the vote?”

[Jeannie Lee begins her answer with a downtrodden sigh…]

I don’t recall seeing a story by the CBC’s Doc Nichols on what I think he might describe as…

…the cancer-like growth of Canada’s GDP numbers, which, like a tumor, isn’t stopping its growth streak despite all the Conservative “infection”!    And the budget surplus is like a festering and very sickly, puss-ridden boost to Harper Conservatives!  Just what are we to do?!!!!!!!     Jeeny?

Jeeny:  Siiiighhhhhhhh………. 



J-Log – “Latest Canadian figures put lie to lib-left rhetoric: Big budget surplus; Great economic growth.”



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