CBC’s Suhana Meharchand reports: looked up Palin’s “dog gone it” remark in the dictionary last night

…And here’s what she reports to Canadians live on daytime state-owned television at 12:39 PM PDT, which I’m sure will be shown by the CBC bureaucrats and perhaps the “ombudsman” to somehow neatly fit right within the CBC’s grand “Journalistic Standards and Practices” manifest, and so we should all just chill and relax and grab a sense of humor, etc.

The topic was last night’s debate between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin, and the fact that Palin said “dog gone it” at one point.  Meharchand is chatting with a guest expert. 

(Exact transcript)


CBC’s Suhana Meharchand:  “I actually looked it up in the dictionary!!  It is a word, and the way they, the way um, they come what was it, it said …. it was another way of saying:  ‘GOD DAMN’.” 

Here’s the screen-captured moment exactly after she proudly revealed the results of her investigative journalism and said the word “God Damn” as loud as she could: 

The guest looked momentarily stunned and in disbelief by Meharchand’s disgraceful display of irreverence and idiocy, and offered up a possible alternative (“yeah, like golly gee whizakers?”).  And after numerous throaty guffaws by Meharchand, the interview was mercifully over. 


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