CBC’s so-called “Newsworld” plays entire Democratic talkers; then presents NONE of the Republicans

TODAY:  The financial rescue package passes in the House of Representatives. 

The state-owned CBC presented it all, live, which is adequate enough. 

Then they included all of the follow-up Democratic Representatives’ band of brothers and their horribly partisan it’s all the Bush Administration’s fault, we’re simply trying to save to the day for Main Streeters “like us”, and we had nothing to do with this problem, Obama will of course save us, and Barney Frank is a “genius” and a “Maestro” —speeches. 

The partisan blather from the left lasted in excess of a half an hour, most or all of it covered live. 

For the CBC’s base viewers, leftists and far leftists in Canada, it was another big bang for their taxpayer buck from their CBC, for that partisan treat. 

The Republican Representatives’ thoughts were of course also offered to the world, later, at about 10:45 AM PDT, in the exact same format, but they were not covered by the CBC.  I watched it on Fox News Channel, switching back to CBC to verify they weren’t showing it at all.  The Republicans were much more brief, as usual —easier to listen to and for broadcasters to broadcast— easier to squeeze in to any broadcast schedule. 

But the CBC failed to bring you one minute of the Republican Representatives’ thoughts.

So if all you watch is the CBC, you’re once again woefully misinformed.  Uninformed.  You have been misled.  You are now lacking knowledge.  You have only heard from the left’s House representatives.  You are likely incapable of an intellectually honest debate with anybody about this matter.  You are, in fact, stupider than you were before you watched the CBC. 

This is dangerous, and particularly undemocratic because it’s the state-funded national media “news” network which purports to be fair and balanced and unbiased, who caused this lack of full information.

Then we heard President Bush’s brief speech in which he praised the bipartisan efforts. 

image The CBC’s reporter in Washington, Henry Champ, was asked to chime in of course, because no news can be just be delivered to Canadians by the CBC and allowed to just sit there —it has to be reinterpreted and explained in their own way. 

Under CBC anchor Suhana Meharchand’s newsy leadership, Champ proceeded to opine on President Bush’s speech about the passage of the bill by speaking longer than Bush did, and doing nothing more than advancing his own grand notion that in future writings, Bush will be of course be blamed, and that his Administration is of course as we all know tainted with all manner of foul ups, it was all largely the result of deregulation, etc., which Champ made clear to me was certainly the result of general Republican ineptitude, and moreover, nothing whatever to do with Democrats.  No, nothing at all to do with Democrats.  Nothing.  At all.

Read how he takes a totally fair and balanced look at this financial crisis which he blames squarely on Bush and Republicans and not Democrats and bashed Bush, in this exact transcript: 

CBC’s Henry Champ: “… I must say the President’s uh reaction in the rose garden was pretty somber—uh and there’s a reason for that.  Uh when uh people start writing about how we got here there’s no question the Bush Administration is going to take a considerable beating—a considerable beating in the last few months of uh uh uh President Bush’s presidency.  Uh there’s no question that uh deregulation which was very much a hallmark of the Bush Administration, uh had a a great role to play in this particular situation, and now you have seven hundred billion dollar bailout package …  and all of that is added onto the massive deficit that the Bush Administration has uh gound up in the last uh seven eight years, particularly under the Bush Administration mostly because of the war, all of this is going to be pretty grim reading when the president leaves the White House.  You get the feeling that he understands that, that the man we thought at the beginning of the year was painfully aware of his legacy and the fact that there didn’t SEEM to be a significant uh legacy point that he could uh look to particularly with the Iraq war going badly, now realizing he may leave the White House without a great deal at least in time certain without a great deal of uh credit for the eight years he spent in the office.

It’s like I’m listening to a TV version of the Daily Kos or the Huffington Post or Rabble or PRAVDA.  Or a Dion or Layton or Duceppe or May speech. Or like I’m watching the CBC. 

Later, Champ and Meharchand replayed clips of Nancy Pelosi in her it’s all their fault festival of speeches from the left, and commented more on it in a similar vein.  And Champ revisited his Bush will be rightly blamed for this—but not liberals and Democrats mantra of course.  It must be drilled into Canadian heads. 

You’ll have to just read this for another possible


“news report”—or what we honest folk often call “facts”.

The CBC is a far-left-wing national disgrace.

State-owned and state-run media must be banned in this country, and that notion enshrined in the constitution. 


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