In trash-talking the economy news today: CBC reports on these “hard times”.

image The CBC’s extremely knowledgeable and important uh, official reporter of viewer emails to the CBC (?) Nil Koksal, reports her “YOUR TURN” segment. 

It’s a segment in which they pretend their email consists of the totally common, archetypal Canadian folks —those who watch the far-left CBC Newsworld.  These are CBC fans possibly like the many I’ve tried to make famous for their CBC-approved online comments like, “THIS IS WHAT YOU DESERVE”, in relation to news stories of Canadians soldiers being killed in Afghanistan.  So you have to know the choice of emails is hard.

After reading an ever-so humorous email from one of those CBC fans, this one mocking Stephen Harper’s calm and stable stance on the financial crisis by comparing Harper’s actions to kidney stones that will eventually pass, or something, a smiling Koksal informs us:

“It’s OK to laugh—even in hard times.” 

“Hard times.”  Huh. 
And by the way, that was funny. 
And we should laugh with the funny smart boy mocking that stupid Harper. 

Good points from the CBC today.  I feel so informed in that hate Harper and think of our economy as being in desperate “hard times”, CBC kind of way.

That “news” segment came after they’d teased the notion that they’re keeping a fair and balanced and sane vigil on what they seem to be trying to portray as a scary freak-out show, which the rest of us call the Canadian economy.  The tendentious banner at that moment was “HIGH ANXIETY”.  (That newsy banner explains how to think while the stock market is rising, apparently, since that’s what it was doing at that time). 

CBC Newsworld anchor Nancy Wilson reports the news while markets are rising:  “Today it’s relative calm, but an uneasy one!”. 

Not a “so-called” uneasy one, like the “so-called war on terror”.  She knows what’s what. 

See, they can read stock traders’ minds and deepest emotions and their tactics now, at the CBC.  They’re omnipotent!

And they know hard times, and funny. 


State-owned media should be banned in this country, and that notion enshrined in the constitution. 


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