CBC’s “no spin” zone reporters spin like ballerinas for Dion and Layton.

Or maybe they’re spinning like country western dancers, out of respect for their subject, Stephen Harper. 

Moments ago, the CBC Newsworld’s anchor Suhana Meharchand and the CBC’s politics and Gemini Award-winning (for outspoken opinions, I believe) newsman Don Newman engaged in a take-no-prisoners, blatant, hilarious slam-fest of their nemesis, Stephen Harper.  This was ironically (or not) in a tease for Don Newman’s “no spin” (his words) “Politics” show, on later today, after their fabulous “news” reporting takes a break. 

Closely abiding by rules in the liberal-left manual: 

• Mention in a derogatory way, that huge Stephen Harper sweater, um, “issue”, yet again, because Canadians need to hear this as a matter of taxpayer necessity:  check. 

• Scowl and ridicule Harper mentioning his mom (—three times!): check. 

• Show clip of Layton, in throngs of cheering supporters, bashing Harper on EXACTLY the same terms using almost EXACTLY the same words as you: check. 

• Sneeringly bemoan Harper mentioning “buying opportunities” in this low stock market, as if that’s just precisely what he meant, and exactly what he’s recommending Canadians do today, all the while pretending you aren’t actually playing a complete dumb-ass politico, spinning words to make a tendentious political point against Harper: check. 

• Play clips of their man Dion disingenuously and IDENTICALLY lambasting Harper for doing same, using EXACTLY the same words as you: check.

• Claim almost scientifically that it is heretofore declared by the esteemed no spin guy, to be a “gaffe”.  Claim that it’s now officially a “gaffe”.:  check.

Completely ignore the idea of playing their own clip of Harper who just ridiculed all the opposition “logic” and deception and who just explained, again, his points, for the apparently too-dumb-for-words reporters, or more likely for benefit of Canadians who are being led down the garden path by reporters who are actually politician-messengers totally in the tank for Dion and Layton and May: check.

• Grab a cup o’ jo and prepare for the “no spin” show, where this will all be brought up again and rehashed as if for the very first time, when actually it’s for the 80th.  Repeat much of the above. 

The less you know.

“Evolution of a lie”


“Anatomy of a Faux “Gaffe” Accusation”:

We open the actual dialogue when they’re discussing not the question of if it is a “gaffe” but rather, how big a “gaffe”. 

Suhana Meharchand:  …How big a “gaffe”

has that turned into, for Stephen Harper? 

Don Newman: Well two interesting things about it obviously it’s turned into a pretty big one because Jack Layton was also today picking up on it

[that’s why?  That’s your “because”? —Joel], and uhhhh lambasting Stephen Harper for it but, you know, they say loose lips sinks ships and uh did it just come popping up?  Well no!  Because at a press conference before he had the interview with Peter, he said the same thing!  He said well you know things are tough but there can be some good buying opportunities out there so obviously he wanted to say it, he said it more than once, and was … apparently … Stephen Harper rarely says anything he doesn’t want to that he hasn’t thought through, and I think since he did it at least twice, that he thought it through!  But it looks as though it WAS a gaffe, because the both parties both the NDP and the Liberals are using it to say look, uh, I mean they’re not arguing that there may or may not be good buying opportunities out there but they’re picking up as Dion said, look, this guy’s completely out of touch …  [Suhana Meharchand chimes in, in agreement, muttering “Mm hmmm!” in the background] …  ‘This guy’ being Harper, people aren’t looking for stock opportunities, they’re worried about their RRSPs and their pensions and this kind of thing, and they’re using it in that way, and so far they’re doing it relatively effectively!  [With no help from the media!—Joel]

Suhana Meharchand: You know and if you listen to that news availability he had for questions after his announcement in Victoria today Stephen Harper did make a health announcement but the questions basically were about the economy and about that comment he made about buying opportunities!

Don Newman: Well that’s right !  And uhhhh mhmh uhmmhhh and he keeps going back, ya know, he interjected yesterday as well that his mother who happens to be looking after his children at 24 Sussex while he and his wife are out campaigning, she’s looking at her RSPs and wondering what’s going to happen to them, uhhhmm suddenly Mrs. Harper who I think few Canadians, had ever, I mean I guess they’d assumed they knew his father died and his mother was still alive but suddenly she’s becoming the best known mother in Canada!

[Meharchand chimes in with her throaty laugh, “huh-huh-huh-huh”, in the background]

… And he’s um I guess this is meant to be folksy as well!  The sweater, the mother, but the buying opportunities seem to be flying in the face of it.

Suhana Meharchand: Thanks so much Don!

Spin yer partner!





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