UPDATED: Obama called McCain “the guy”. Oh. My. God.

Originally posted 2008-10-08 11:40 AM
UPDATED below – CTV invokes more JUNK JOURNALISM today:

Nancy (“very interesting!”) Wilson could hardly think of anything more vital than asking her esteemed colleague,  the CBC’s political scientist / analyst / CBC reporter in Washington, Henry Champ, if a remark from Senator McCain in last night’s debate, in which he referred to The Great Obama as “that one”, would drastically reduce his votes from Americans—on the basis that it was so very terribly egregious. 

Well yes!  suggested Champ. It will go down in history! he intimated.  Right up there with the biggest gaffes in history! he intoned. 

Apparently The Great Communicator Barack Obama saying, as he did last night, about Senator McCain: “…this is the guy who sang ‘bomb bomb Iran’” —isn’t historic, or even a totally out-of-context lie (or an admission that he doesn’t get “humor”). 

Well they didn’t even bring it up so I don’t even know. 


CTV is now all over the “news”

Takes the time to mention all manner of other racial epithets from completely unrelated people across the nation, in the same story… a teacher in Iowa who said something racist, etc… A hideous display of pure JUNK JOURNALISM.


While we’re on the subject of CTV’s hideous display of pure JUNK JOURNALISM: here are their top election stories right now:  Spot anything about the healthcare issues that Harper spoke about today?  Or anything that isn’t even remotely anti-Harper?

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