MUST SEE VIDEO—Dion GAFFE to end all the media talk of “gaffes”, forever more

Oh dear God.  The Liberal Frenchman Stephane Dion so understands us Canadians. And oh my, he has such a “plan”. 

Unlike Harper, whom he pretends is “out of touch”, that one—Dion—oh he’s so in touch.  With something.  Not Canadians, but something.  Not with a plan… 

It’s like a Saturday Night Live skit.  Only it’s not. 

A profound inability to comprehend basic concepts.  Interesting quality in a leader and as the leader of my country.  Especially when dealing with other leaders and in crisis situations. 

Hey is the Liberal Party still in favor of that pot legalizing thing?  I think they are, right?


UPDATE – Friday Oct 10 5:30 AM PDT:

• They’re victims.  Dion and Team Liberal immediately and reflexively blame… Harper! for this massive flub and this revelation of Dion’s inability to comprehend simple concepts.  That says so much about Liberals generally.  In the U.S. they blame Bush for everything.  Here liberals blame Harper…. well, and Bush.  They’re victims. 

Exact quote from Dion this morning:  “This man has no class …and no plan!”

“This man”?  Doesn’t that make Dion a racist?!

image• I note that the CBC’s reporter Julie Van Dusen, upon invitation from the anchor, also spent a considerable amount of time joining the Liberals in attempting to rehabilitate Dion’s now hugely reduced stature as a potential PM, with excuse after excuse—largely on the theme (let me start again—using the exact talking points of the Liberal Party) that Harper is a big fat meaniepants for daring to criticize Dion and his massive flub and this revelation of Dion’s inability to comprehend simple concepts.  Harper must be a racist!

• So far, I haven’t heard one media outlet proclaim this to be any sort of “gaffe”.  Huh.  Isn’t that amazing.  Not a gaffe.  It’s the biggest gaffe in recent Canadian election campaign history, but, it’s not a gaffe.  Weird! 

•  6:10 AM – Julie Van Dusen is once again asked to comment.  She once again acts as the apologist-in-chief for Dion. With regard to Harper’s spot-on claim that this helps prove Dion has no plan (since he obviously couldn’t think of one except to spend 30 days drumming one up), she told Canadians that everybody knows Dion has a plan and that:  “I could recite [his plan] in my sleep!” —and she goes further—she lists some of Dion’s plan, as if to prove it.  For him.   

6:21 AM – CBC is again replaying the interview they had this morning with Dion in which he is given a platform to explain how Harper is vree meaniepant.  They don’t play the video of the flub over and over, just their rehab interview.  Of course their interview is really mostly providing a platform for Dion to advertise his anti-Harper rant rather than explaining his massive flub and this revelation of Dion’s inability to comprehend simple concepts. So that helps us understand. 

imageThe liberals’ Toronto Star, which is in the tank for Liberals and leftists generally, fakes you out as usual, as if you’re half as stupid as they think you are (actually some of you apparently are), with this BS sandwich (at left).

National Post dares to call it a “gaffe”.  May face a “Human rights” commission rebuke for this blasphemy against a Liberal.

7:17 AM – Julie van Dusen’s fixation on Harper’s reaction to Dion’s massive flub continues, as she informs Canadians, through the anchor now on shift, Nancy Wilson, that “It threw him [Harper] off his routine!” —as if that’s the news, here.  She repeats that Dion DOES HAVE A PLAN!—as if pleading for Canadians to believe her.  She repeats her line—as if it’s the first time she said it—that “I could recite it in my sleep!”.  It’s a hideous display.  Even I am shocked that the CBC cast and crew across the country, and all their apologists, are not utterly embarrassed over this kowtowing—this blatant sucking up—to Dion and Team Liberal, and the CBC’s effort to rehabilitate their candidate after his massive flub.  It’s a disgrace and an insult to our intelligence. 

The National Post’s columnist Don Martin humps both legs:  calls it a Dion “gaffe”, but barks in a plaintiff wail that it shows Harper’s mean streak, and that it says more about Harper as a big fat meaniepants, than it does about Dion …. a view which ironically shows how dumb Martin is compared to, say, Dion.  He begins by apologizing for Dion with this what’s the big deal? statement: “Liberal leader Stephane Dion misunderstands a complicated question”, as if telling his apparently dumb readers, Like, what’s your problem, dude?  It was COMPLICATED!  After all, the interviewer’s highly intellectually challenging question, which was simply what would you do if you were in charge?, is insanely complicated!  Much more so than dealing with complicated world issues or U.N. matters or the Taliban or Israel or America or potential financial catastrophes or mind-boggling liberal-left policy creation or…  And here we thought liberals were so intellectual and singularly nuanced and deep thinkers, and they alone can see the shades of gray, and are bilingual, and…

•  Au contraire, Professor Martin!  Another NatPo commentator, Kelly McParland, says in her “Full Comment” editorial:  ”…God knows how Canadians will interpret this, but it may come down to one equation: are people more alarmed by Mr. Dion’s evident inability to understand a simple question, or Stephen Harper’s eagerness to exploit it? Neither party has much to brag about. Yes, it’s the end of the campaign and everyone is tired, but Mr. Murphy’s question was hardly difficult…”

10:23 AM –   New anchor, and Julie Van Dusen still on Harper’s response as the main story, rather than the actual fact, which is Dion’s inability to comprehend basic concepts.  Still acting as the apologist-in-chief for Dion.  Repeats, yet again, that Dion does have a plan.  And actually says this:  ”…Anyone who has followed the campaign knows that Dion has a plan!…”  And again lists items in her Dion’s plan, for Dion.  Amazing.  Utterly amazing. 




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