Canadian heroes seize series of Taliban supply depots full of weapons

Great news from one of the fronts of the war on terror.  News you’d think the state-owned CBC would be all over and up and down and around with video, photos, big stories from on-site correspondents, and so on.  I mean it’s all-Canadian and about heroes and it’s happy and it speaks to Canadian success and heroism and progress in the war on terror, and you’d think they’d think Canadians should know all about it…

Therefore I can’t find diddly about it on and haven’t heard anything about it on CBC Newsworld. 

From citizen-owned

Canadian soldiers seize Taliban weapons, supplies

Updated Fri. Oct. 10 2008 12:18 PM ET
The Canadian Press

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan—Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan have seized a series of major Taliban supply depots containing everything from winter clothing and medical supplies to bomb-making equipment and anti-tank weapons.

I can imagine liberals and further leftists in Canada angrily demanding that the “mean” Canadian military give the clothing back for “humanitarian” purposes and to show the Taliban “compassion” because we’re but “peacekeepers”.  (I nominate Jack Layton for the clothing exchange, since he’s so eager to share a chat with them over tea and buns.  I would suggest he arm himself to the bone, or at least be covered by men with heavy arms and possibly even F-18 cover from the Americans, but I imagine he’d be against all of that…)

But in what struck me as the quintessential irony, this line appears near the end of the news story, listing some of the items found: 

”…two 50-kilogram sacks of dried peas from the United Nations, originally donated by Canada.” 

How Canadian liberal.  That donation to the U.N. was, once again, VERY effective.  Let’s up that budget. 

And finally this line, which, well, it just ain’t liberal.  It speaks to the need to carry a big stick—and that peace can be secured through superior firepower:

“Insurgents declined to tangle directly with the heavily-armed battle group from the Royal Canadian Regiment…”

Anyway, here’s the front page of their/our people’s web site:
Nothing about it on the state media. Guess they don’t think Canadians should know this.



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