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image• The state-owned, socialism reliant ignores the biggest rise in Toronto Stock Market history today, and the CBC Newsworld, which last week displayed a handy plunge-o-meter in the lower right of the screen so all Canadians were properly informed of the collapse of capitalism thanks to George Bush and Stephen Harper, displays no rise-o-meter at the CBC at this time.  (Also see several items down for their graphical banner…)

NOW it’s “spending”.  I keep reminding Canadians that when you see or hear liberals and their media speak of government “investment” in all manner of things such as “investment” in child care (and “early learning” —wink!), “investment” in arts and culture grants to artists, “investment” in the state-run health care system, etc., it’s actually code for “massive government spending”, or in fact, “socialism”.  But today, the informs us that the U.S. government is “spending” money… to buy bank shares!  Sober folk know that investing in stocks is in fact among the original and proper uses of the word “investment”, where “spending” is a word that idiots use in this particular case; but now suddenly the CBC finds the word “spending” in their thesaurus. 

•  Headline at  “NDP has largest campaign carbon footprint: analyst” …  and the Liberals weren’t far behind.  You just can’t make up better chuckles.  If it is all such an “emergency”, then these leftard climate alarmists should have conducted an emergency bike-ride campaign.  But they didn’t. 

•  PTBC reader Maureen spotted at least two examples of this ingenious liberal media creativity last night:  “Layton preaching to choir ahead of Election Day” (CTV); and “Harper spends final stretch preaching to loyal choir” (Toronto Star in a more redundant—“loyal choir”—effort).  … The fun part is imagining the socialist Layton in a church. 

CBC Newsworld banner right now, as Toronto Market enjoys the biggest rise in its history:
…making this the 8,643,966th time the CBC has expressed their “recession fears” to the nation in one of their banners, in the past two years, as if as they are but a bystander and benevolent educator of facts…

• The National Post’s editor and editorialist Jonathon Kay, a liberal who thinks or pretends he’s a conservative, endorses the clearly socialist amateur Barack Obama, on none other than Canadian election day, in what only he thinks is a shocking revelation. … “Count me among the millions of self-described right-wingers rooting—this time—for the guy on the left,” he says. (“Millions”? Wow!)  …  All my examples over the past year or more of the NatPo being totally in the tank for Obama, and my examples of their hideous sucking up to him—with every huge half-page color picture—at every turn, just like the rest of the liberals’ media, ignoring all his negatives —but yet highlighting with great fanfare and ghostly black and whites the supposed John McCain negatives, and their crazed manifestations of the Palin Derangement Syndrome and that ticket’s manifest horrors…. makes me

a genius

barely adequately observant
National Post columnist John Ivison with the duh! observation of the century:  “Another minority would be bittersweet win for Tories”.  No poo, Sherlock.

•  image takes the time and space to feature a story on their front page, with picture, reading “Palin confuses supporters for hecklers”.  … Nobody in the media mentioned when liberal Democrat VP candidate Joe Biden said to his pal Katie Couric that President FDR got on TV during the 1929 stock market crash and comforted the nation… despite FDR (A) not being president (B) the fact that in 1929, nobody in America had anything like a futuristic “TV”.  … (By the way, Palin mistook supporters for protesters because there was in excess of 20,000 cheering, screaming fans in attendance at her rally making hearing anything difficult.  But whatever.  Good Palin dig, media boys and girls!) 

image•  Where are all the stories today (and for the next 21 or so days, or November 4, which ever comes first) about the Democrat Congressman Tim Mahoney, who replaced the (make no mistake!) disgraced (make no mistake!) Republican Congressman Mark Foley in 2006—the excited reporting about which almost single-handedly gave all the Congressional power to Democrats under Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid in the ‘06 mid-term elections?  The story today is arguably about a predator and a Barbarian worse than Mark Foley was, particularly when properly comparing Mahoney to, say, Bill Clinton and his sexual dalliances with underlings.  …  Here’s one of many CTV stories about Foley.  Here’s some CBC coverage about Foley here, here, here and there’s much much more.  … And even after using their search tools, here’s the stories at CTV, CBC, Globe and Mail, and National Post, about Tim Mahoney today:  […crickets…]

Nation of Stupidity:  My election night television news coverage is blacked-out so that some people in Canada can learn about our country’s election results, while others like us in the west can’t.  But don’t worry, this makes sense to those folks who are high on crack at this time.  And besides, we can stomp on the west —unlike The Nation Of Quebec, where they are ever so special in oh so many ways. 
image image

imageASS LOSES:  Arrogant Liberal Garth Turner, who wrote a book—while sitting as a paid MP—which promoted the idea of a housing market CRASH in our country then expected everyone to think he wasn’t hoping for a crash in our economy, lost his seat.  I hope nobody buys his book either. …

ASS BACKWARD: On the flip side—the back side, you might say—Bare Ass Bob Rae (as seen at right on CBC, with his ass backwards for the nation), saved his again. 

Liberal Frenchman DION gives defeat speech:  Apparently wants to work to gedder.  And here I thought he was married. 

Prime Minister Harper’s victory speech switched back and forth between two languages, as if it were a test of the U.N.‘s new language translation service.  Otherwise it was good.   

Post speech cannon fodder:  Aiming a confetti blaster cannon and firing it directly at the Prime Minister and his family is not a great idea, even if it was all in good fun.  Made for a tense second for the RCMP no doubt.  I guarantee Harper won’t seek to ban them though. 


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