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• Rare conservative at CNN to ditch CNN.  You could almost predict the end of the sentence “Rare conservative at CNN…”.  Glenn Beck is said to be leaving for more tolerant waters, where they accept the views of both liberals and conservatives, the number one in viewership and value, Fox News Channel.  He will get a 5 PM (ET) show. 

• Liberal Democrat VP candidate Joe Biden tells it like it ain’t:  “jobs” is a three letter word.  Even counted ‘em out for the crowd:  “J – O – B – S”.  Similarly, they’re going to “lower taxes for 95% of Americans” (35% of whom don’t even pay taxes).  These are the folks who have been regulating the banks, which explains so much. 

image• The far-left Toronto Star follows far-left sister CBC and advises Canadians who hate conservatives or Republicans or Bush and possibly America generally and by their logical extension, Harper, and who love the Michael Moore-esque and CBC-esque polemics:  “Oliver Stone’s controversial movie about U.S. President George W. Bush opens tomorrow.”  See below where I noted that the TorStar’s sisters at CBC already got the big scoop on it today by flying their reporter (at taxpayer expense) to New York, simply to get some magical Bush-hating quotes from the director, which will somehow advance our nation.  We all need some more hate in our lives. 

• Thank God tomorrow is Friday. I may celebrate it by not referring to the CBC at all—partially making up for my repeated and possibly boring CBC quips today… judging by the fact that all day, only one person has bothered to comment…

image •  Last one on CBC I swear. 
Like gas prices, sort of… VERY QUICK ON THE NEGATIVE DRAW, VERY SLOW ON THE POSITIVE… As of 1:24 PM PT after markets closed—’s front page (see above) features same 7:54 AM PT story all day and up to this moment: a huge main story (with picture!) headlined: “Bay, Wall Street head lower” which begins, “Canadian stocks retreated sharply Thursday as investors continued to sell stocks for a second straight day amid economic worries.”  This, while the Dow is closing up 400 pointsToronto stocks are closing only slightly lower today at -54.  … Same at Toronto Star web site (“TSE Drops 310 Points”, in huge lettering—see above left);  and same at CTV web site (their Top Stories headline: “North American markets dip by triple-digits”).  These front pages have been like that nearly all day, and right up to now.  …  UPDATES:  CTV finally changed their top story of dread at 1:15-ish PT.  … CBC finally concedes defeat at 1:25-ish PT by changing main page feature story but leaving the original stale—and wrong—article on their top stories list, editorially unchanged. …  Toronto Star story remains as seen at above left, at 1:50 PM PT … CBC finally just ditches any mention of any stock markets from their front page somewhere between 1:30 and 1:40 or so PT (no good news is news, or something) … As of 2:00 PM PT, I give up refreshing the pages.  CTV wins with quickest updates and now featuring an upbeat, positive, feature story on their front page; CBC with NOTHING about markets on their front page, and the Toronto Star with stale and hideously, factually wrong story remaining on their front page.  LATE CORRECTION: Toronto Star changed their front page as I was writing that last sentence at 2:00 PM PT, by removing all big market-related feature stories from their front page.  Like CBC:  No good news is news worthy of the attention of Canadians.  Me and this web site shouldn’t be more on top of this than the biggest, richest news media in the country.  But I am and we are.  Send money.

image • MORE CBC—the last one today I promise … CBC Newsworld’s extremely important to taxpayers “The Scene” segment features a review of—of all the movies out there—the new rabidly anti-Bush movie called “W”.  I know!  SHOCKER!  … Our state-employed and ever so vital state “entertainment reporter”, Jelena Adzic, flew, at our expense, to New York, where that wily one was somehow able to secure some yummy America and Bush-hating quotes from the director, Oliver Stone.  It turns out Oliver Stone hates Bush!  Who coulda known in advance?  I mean besides a retarded monkey.  … No review yet of the pro-America, liberal-left-mocking fun movie called “An American Carol”, which actually stars a Canadian (Leslie Nielsen) from the CBC’s esteemed “entertainment reporter”.  Golly maybe she didn’t see it.  That’s possible. 

imageONCE AGAIN, FOR THE 8,000th TIME:  For a fair and balanced look at last night’s Prez debate, the state-owned CBC Newsworld trots out what they call their (and I quote) “regular American political panel”.  For fairness and balance, on the left: Rachel Sklar, media editor of the far-left conservative-hating Huffington Post, whom they introduce to Canadians without any indication of her far-left political leanings whatsoever;  And for balance, on the far left, a left-wing blogger on the extreme far-left smear site Daily Kos, Jeffrey Feldman, whom they introduce only as—and I quote—“an academic and an author” (what is an “academic”, exactly? Who knows.  When he spoke, the banner read “Jeffrey Feldman, political author”), again without giving Canadians any indication whatsoever of his far left and rabidly anti-Republican leanings.  Never mind that this non-identification of their guests’ left-wing politics appears to be against the CBC’s own Journalistic Standards and Practices which reads: “Any relevant aspects of a commentator’s credentials must be clearly summarized so that the audience may have a perspective from which to appraise the speaker’s view. For example, the position and affiliation of a journalist or the particular qualifications of an academic or any other type of speaker should be stated. The descriptions “freelance broadcaster” or “freelance writer” do not meet this requirement.”  Never mind that.  Their “analysis” was hideously biased, stupid, and deceitful.  Anyone who witnessed it actually became dumber.  We already have public schools and universities for that so this is not a good use of taxpayer funds.

•  Ready for a laugh? At the CBC? OK.  See my **update** to my first Newsquip this morning (it’s at the bottom of this pile—the one with the graphic).  Hilarious. 

image  • SELF SERVE—the state-owned CBC’s Newsworld channel, the state media division of your government, which is apparently mandated by the government to present the left-wing news and far-left anti-American documentaries and lousy comedies to citizens at a cost of a BILLION dollars per year because without it we’d all be incapable of getting news and comedies in this frozen (but melting, dontchaknow!), northern backwater where there are no citizens with the wherewithal to start up their own news and comedy channels like CTV, Global, or any of the 1,800 other channels, has a “news item” today about a documentary—to be shown on their own main CBC channel AND on Newsworld—about their hero, the alleged terrorist Omar Khadr.  Again.  The trailer that they played for us—strictly for news purposes of course—had that yummy Michael Moore “documentary” feel to it.  Meaning like they do with Michael Moore “documentaries”, they’ll likely re-broadcast this over and over—on Newsworld—countless times, for years.  You paid for it.  They didn’t. 

•  Genius journalists at the liberal-left’s Toronto Star attempt yet another recession fomenting our economy is sinking!…run for your lives! nega-story today.  Slamming our economy as best they can, I think, they report on Prime Minister Harper’s latest actions on economic matters by finding a juicy nega-fact from a Merrill Lynch genius economist“His [Harper’s] comments came as a report from a Merrill Lynch economist suggested Canada risks running a $10 billion deficit in the 2009-2010 fiscal year.”    … The intrepid journalists (no less than three of them credited with this one story) might have mentioned to us that Merrill Lynch is among the brilliant firms which darn near went bankrupt as a result of their hideously poor choices and their inability to look into the future and find the right direction.  On January 17, 2008, Merrill Lynch reported a $9.83 billion fourth quarter loss incorporating a $16.7 billion write down of assets associated with subprime mortgages. On April 17, 2008, Merrill Lynch reported a net loss of $1.97 billion for the first quarter of 2008. They were sold to Bank of America on September 17 to stave off complete bankruptcy.  Given a choice between the Harper-loathing Toronto Star, who wholeheartedly endorsed Stephane Dion and the Liberals in the election, and Merrill Lynch, I’ll bank on Harper, thanks. 

image“It was unclear where McCain got his information about the Canadian response, which sounded more like something from the blogosphere than from an official Ottawa statement.” —a sentence that sounds exactly like it came from a left-wing or far-left-wing politics/opinion blog run by some unemployed, left-wing, Democratic Party talking-points regurgitating, employment insurance-collecting ass, but which actually came from a CBC-written CBC news article published at today.  … By the way, nothing Obama said sounded like it came from the blogosphere —most of it sounded like it came from the CBC

Stelmach said that with the American market still in question, it’s time for the province to look at building a pipeline to carry the crude to the West Coast, where it could be easily sold to countries like China where oil is in high demand.  “We will not only depend on the American market, we will expand markets. And if that means building a pipeline to the coast and selling oil to another country, we will,” Stelmach told reporters in Edmonton Thursday.

—quote from a May 9, 2008 news story… at tip to Brent B for that update).


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