U.S. Election Day Newsquips

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image 1.  Hey you know that whole Sarah Palin “Trooper-Gate” (love that “Gate” thing they always add to anything not left-wing-related)?  It magically resolved itself late yesterday …for today’s media to bury on page 84.  (Palin cleared. Duh).  I wonder how that timing worked.  Anyway, the only way the liberals’ media would cover it even now is if they could somehow squeeze the latest number of Iraq war dead in their story (they won’t because the Americans are now clearly on the verge of winning that war—haven’t you wondered why they aren’t covering that war anymore?), or if they could mention Bush in derogatory terms 87 times.  Meanwhile media-gate —the total corruption of the now out of the closet uber liberal and in the tank for Obama and liberals and agenda-driving —media is the biggest story after the election itself.  They won’t report that either. 

2.    Today’s CBC coverage of the U.S. election is all about their ♥Obama♥.  Barack Obama has voted … Win or lose, Obama will be speaking in so-and-so today and tonight.  … a lot of people will be here to listen to Obama talk … It took Barack Obama several minutes to vote today with his wife Michelle Obama… around the world he’s the “global candidate” … he’s sooo hot… (OK that last bit was just something I imagined the CBC boys and girls thinking as judged by their on-air coverage) … 

3.  I liked this Media Research Center media-watch article headlined GOP Palin Critics ‘Intellectual,’ Palin Backers ‘Knuckle-Draggers’? – During a roundtable discussion in the 3 PM EST hour of Monday’s Newsroom program with conservative talk show host Martha Zoller and left-wing host Mike Malloy, CNN anchor Rick Sanchez strangely differentiated between “intellectual” conservatives who are “not so crazy” about Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin and social conservatives who “love” her.  Sanchez then described Zoller as a “mix” of the two.  Later in the segment, Malloy opined that Sarah Palin “brought out the crazy people. That’s what the Republican base is. The Republican base are people who don’t want the queers to get married. They don’t want a woman to have a right to privacy. They want to do away with capital gains taxes, which has nothing whatsoever to do with their life. What Sarah Palin did was bring out the knuckle-draggers, the mouth-breathers…” … They’re what they self-describe as “the most trusted name in news”, by which they must mean to have added “to intolerant, far-left zealots.” 

4. HILARIOUS, DELUSIONAL CBC – Canadian dollar is up and markets are up, today, at the moment.  The socialism-reliant CBC business segment reporter therefore suggests that it’s because Americans have already factored-in an Obama election win.  W H A T ?  … stand by while I get some exact wording.  OK here’s some:  “…Now some analysts do believe the U.S. dollar will strengthen with a Barack Obama win in today’s presidential election … [then later] …now some analysts think they have already priced-in an Obama win because of his lead in the polls but believe if the Democrats win a strong majority it will allow the new administration to pass legislation more easily and that in turn could mean a boost to stocks later this week as well.”  … For better understanding, try standing on your head.

5.    image CBC in violation of their own terms of journalistic practices? Just now, CBC hauled out a supposedly run-of-the-mill “political commentator” (their own words) to supposedly objectively comment on Sarah Palin and how she has affected the vote the in Alaska.  Without telling the viewers about her LEFT-WING, ANTI SARAH PALIN STANCE, they get an extreme anti-Sarah Palin politico named Shannyn Moore to comment, and naturally she bashed Palin—much to the apparent satisfaction of CBC anchor Nancy Wilson, who simply said “mmm” repeatedly as Moore raged against Palin and how much she’s hated by many in Alaska and how Alaska should “recall her” as Governor for all her “abuses” after the election, assuming she loses… stand by while I get some of the exact wording. 

OK here’s some: 

CBC anchor Nancy Wilson: …What are you hearing uhh from Alaskans I mean what are they feeling about HER?

Shannyn Moore: There has been a HUGE FLIP on Sarah Palin you know when she was nominated the big discussion was [she then assumes this overly animated, dramatic, breathy voice in what I take to be her imitation of what she thinks are idiot Alaskans and Americans generally] ‘this is America’s most famous, most popular governor and she’s you know in her own state everybody’s crazy about her’, and that’s simply isn’t the case.  There’s been, you know, there’s been ummm, there’s been an ethics violation that she’s been found guilty of, there’s been abuse of power, there’s been a real … there’s been a real scrutiny on her … and she hasn’t really measured up to it … [Palin]‘s hurt Alaska

CBC anchor Nancy Wilson: Whaduya think will happen to her next after the election?

Shannyn Moore: Sigh… Well [laughing] we’ve been discussing this wondering how to deal with it. I know there’s a group of Alaskan’s looking to recall her because of her abuse of power charges … she’s going to have a real hard time …

CBC anchor Nancy Wilson: Very interesting Shannyn Moore thanks for joining us today with your observations on voting day! 

Shannyn Moore: My pleasure!

… CONTRADISTINCTION:  CBS and Fox News both had Ann Coulter on this morning, and both times she was introduced, under no uncertain terms, as a “conservative” or “Republican” commentator.  Even though most people already know who in tarnation she is. 

6.  Holy overstatement, Batman.  CBC anchor Nancy Wilson just called this election, and I quote, “the most important election since democracy was born”.  … update New anchor, Suhana Meharchand: similar sentiment:  “America is voting in the most important election since its democracy was born!”

image7.  CBC’s reporter Henry Champ on Palin:  informs Canadians she’s got SOME intelligence; and informs us there’s a question of whether she’s from a trailer park“…This is a woman of SOME attractiveness, clearly SOME intelligence, SOME diligence, and uhh and with the popularity she’s gained within her own party, the opportunity to GROW in uh positions that she wants you can see her back again, on the scene … now mind you she took a lot of hits:  hits on her uh lack of awareness, the question of whether she was more from the trailer park than from the suburbs, things of that kind, but all of those things can be overcome.  And you can bet that there are people within the Republican Party who are looking at her saying let’s get together with this woman, let’s put some money into this thing, let’s see what can happen further on down the road.”The CBC is “clearly” “SOME” trailer trash.   

8.  Fox News Channel reports that members of the Black Panthers brandishing a night stick were intimidating voters at a polling station.  Don’t worry, they weren’t intimidating voters to vote for McCain.  See video (at right).  This won’t be on the CBC’s vast All ♥Barack♥, All The Time coverage today.  … update One Black Panther holding a night stick was escorted away by police.  … was heard to say that they’re tired of “white supremacy”. Fox News now with video of Black Panther with night stick before being led away… Fox News reporter questions remaining Black Panther who tells the reporter he has no right to be there (they do)… Here’s a YouTube video link from a citizen with a cellphone camera clip.  Here’s the police encounter

9.    Passing thoughts… Switched to Fox News Channel for a few minutes, and the difference between it and the lowly, stupid, biased left-wing, state-owned, state-run CBC trailer-trash-vision…. is remarkable.  FNC is like a breath of fresh air.  Lively, funny, informative, educational, full of facts, colorful, interesting, fast-paced…  watching CBC you get stupider by the minute; watching FNC you get smarter.

image10.   CTV Newsnet currently engaging in post-campaign analysis with…. Kim Campbell.  … We’re going to gain any knowledge from THAT one?  That blip?  She’s an expert in elections? And strategies?  Hint number One:  She thinks McCain’s campaign was too hard-hitting on Obama. 

11.   Once again, very few people are reading any of this, apparently.  I’m sort of the Kim Campbell of blogging I guess. 

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