CBC’s Don Newman informs Canada that “Conservatives will all wear blue fuzzy sweaters” from now on

image Top state-owned CBC editor and reporter and anchor and “Politics” show host Don Newman, who famously says “the spin stops here” (hey!… just like Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly!”), advised Canadians just now that that all of the Conservative caucus will now start to wear what Conservative-haters all jointly described in the election campaign (in order to deride and mock Prime Minister Harper as best they could) as “blue fuzzy sweaters”.  This would be in their effort, I took Newman to mean, to BS the nation into buying their neo-con PR bullcrap.  I could be wrong.  It is the CBC and it’s state-owned, after all, so they must be fair and balanced like the privately-owned Fox News Channel, and ever so objective, and not in bed with the liberal-left and not anti-conservative. 

Yet to emphasize the point he continued that if Conservatives don’t already have one of these “blue fuzzy sweaters”, they will probably get one for Christmas, he advises Canadians. 

He’s the state-owned CBC’s “Senior Parliamentary Editor”.  Sounds like something I could do.  Far better.  With half my brain tied behind my back, to borrow a phrase from Rush Limbaugh (if Newman can borrow from those “right-wingers”, I can!). 

Here’s exactly what he said on the state-owned media:

“…I think we’re going to see a massive kind of campaign to re-paint—remember the blue fuzzy sweater we saw at the beginning of the election campaign?  [anchor Nancy Wilson says “yes”]  They’ll all be wearing them for a while now —the entire Conservative caucus will be wearing blue fuzzy sweaters—they’ll get ‘em for Christmas if they don’t have ‘em now, and it will be an effort to paint the opposition parties as the ones who are uncooperative—not willing to work for Canadians —and they will work hard—they being the Conservatives—to cover up the contradiction that we were talking to Jim Prentice about which is, ‘we have to get down to work oh by the way we’re off work until the 26th of January in the House of Commons’.  …”

Well at least we made him say “Christmas” instead of “happy-tree festivus”! 

Here’s a blog entry I wrote in which the no-spinner Newman told Canadians that he hates to call it “NAFTA-GATE”, but golly, “that’s what it’s called!” 

And here’s an ad for CBC (state) employee Don Newman that they run in newspapers in order to get people to watch the CBC instead of watching the citizen-owned stations that have to compete against the government and its CBC behemoth:



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