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Monday Newsquips daily news brief—  Lots of year-end navel gazing and looking forward navel gazing going on in the media this week, as they attempt to instruct us as to what is and what is not important, and why.  For example, remember to fawn over their Obama with them, for otherwise, you are stupid; and remember to continue to mock Sarah Palin, because she’s so stupid.  They in the media are, however, omniscient, and beyond reproach.  Bow before them.  Thank you.  Vote liberal.  Peace.

image  1. Israel fighting back these past few days— taking a good and properly disproportionately strong air-assault stand, against the almost completely unreported daily rocket attacks from the Palestinian Hamas goons into Israel, over the past years.  … Actual question asked just now by CBC “news” anchor Nancy (“very interesting!”) Wilson to a Red Cross rep: “And given the extent of the suffering that you’re already seeing on a day-to-day basis, how concerned are you that a humanitarian disaster looms?!”  His shocking answer: Very! … Here’s how I’d have answered:  About as concerned as Jews are and have been for years about the disasters that were occurring hourly— humanitarian disasters largely unreported in your despicable and worse-than-useless media —as Palestinian Hamas rockets flew right into the kitchen windows of Jews, indiscriminately fired from the Palestinian terrorists in Gaza,  blowing up innocent babies and entire families.  Ass.  …. Which explains why CBC doesn’t call me very often for comments about things… 
(1 – b) …  A few minutes later, the Israeli UN Ambassador was questioned by the CBC interrogator, Agent Wilson, and was asked this question, quite pointedly, “You say that uh uh uh this military offensive is to protect and to ensure the the security of Israelis but you know what the reaction has already been and what it will be—there’s talk of a third intavada—uh [looking down at her notes], intifada—the Arab world is enraged!  So do you not by your actions simply stoke the violence?!”  My answer:  Yes of course Mizzz Wilson, it would be best if we just sucked it up
… If Israel is firing at Palestinian terrorists today, then history starts today, for the CBC.  (So actually, three days ago, when Israel began fighting back, yet again, for their survival.) 
(1 – c)   image

2.  CBC reporters and anchors call Israel “Isree-il”.  But don’t worry, they’re not morons

3.   This one is very instructive about how we, who aren’t useful idiots of the liberal-left and their media, should PUSH BACK when asked questions by them, thus exposing them as the left-wing propagandists that they are.  From the fantastic Media Research Center today:

Joe the Plumber Laughs at CNN Anchor Who Insists He’s Fair
Just before 8am Eastern time on the Tuesday edition of CNN’s American Morning, anchor John Roberts interviewed Joe “The Plumber” Wurzelbacher, and something unusual happened. After a battery of questions from Roberts suggesting Joe was throwing John McCain “under the bus,” Joe shot back that the media does that to candidates it supports. Roberts took offense, since “I’m a journalist,” and Joe laughed at that. Roberts insisted Joe should not cast aspersions against him, and Joe said he didn’t mean to attack Roberts personally, but the news media are “very slanted to the left.”

4.  Another one from MRC, this one exemplifying how the media is oh so mentally balanced, not:

Obama’s ‘The Man,’ CBS’s Early Show Explores ‘How Cool is Obama?’
On Friday morning’s The Early Show on CBS, viewers were treated to what seemed like a parody of Barack Obama’s mainstream media paparazzi fawning over the Democratic President-elect, as the show ran a report exploring the question of “How cool is Obama?” and co-hosts Harry Smith and Tracy Smith referred to Obama as “the man” and “the epitome of cool,” respectively. Audio of the classic rock group the Chiffons singing “He’s So Fine” even played as the piece on Obama’s “coolness” began. Tracy Smith oozed as she plugged the segment: “We’re actually talking about how a lot of people think that President-elect Barack Obama is the epitome of cool. Look at that guy. Everything, I mean, even in a baseball cap. Don’t you think?” After Harry Smith referred to a New York Times article about the significance of Obama spending his childhood in Hawaii, Tracy Smith effused: “That makes him even cooler.”


image 5.   CBC passes off a pro-Palestinian political activist group as a neutral observer, for “expert”, “fair and balanced”, “totally neutral” analysis of the Israeli air strikes against Palestinian terrorist goons.  The CBC guest spokesman represents the International Solidarity Movement, which they purposely fail to inform you is a rabidly anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian peacenick group which nonetheless seeks to fight Israel, “peacefully”, and yet, according to my 2-minute research: ”…we recognise the Palestinian right to resist Israeli violence and occupation via legitimate armed struggle…”.  So you gotta know this interview will be fair and balanced, and sane, CBC-style.  imageHere’s info from their web site:

About ISM – Who We Are
The International Solidarity Movement (ISM) is a Palestinian-led movement committed to resisting the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land using nonviolent, direct-action methods and principles. Founded by a small group of activists in August, 2001, ISM aims to support and strengthen the Palestinian popular resistance…

Therefore the CBC Newsworld anchor introduces the spokesman exactly like this: 
CBC “news” anchor Nil Koksal:  “For a description of what’s happening on the ground we’ve reached Jenny Linnel of the International Solidarity Movement—it’s a non-governmental organization … OK Jenny … you are with the International Solidarity Movement which looks at human rights in the Gaza and the West bank…”  … “Jenny”, as the “news” anchor Nil Koksal calls her, then explains to Canadians through their enablers, the state-owned CBC, that it’s an Israeli “massacre”, as she saw it from her perch, which is a Palestinian family’s home in Gaza, where she resides when promoting the truth and knowledge to the world about the joos.

6. Israel’s target, Hamas, is a terrorist group.  It is officially recognized in Canada, at the national government level, as a terrorist group.  Other countries also recognize Hamas as terrorists:  The U.K., the U.S., Australia, Japan, even European Union even recognizes it as a terrorist group.  Yet the CBC insists on calling the Hamas terrorist who indiscriminately lob rockets at Israeli families, “militants” or “Palestinians” or “Hamas” or Hamas “officials”.  Not terrorists.  The CBC doesn’t want to take sides —you know, like our side.  They’re not sure.  The terrorists might be right.  It’s the moronic moral relativist theory at work. 

Personally, I’m on our side. 

image(6 – b) Tonight on The Passionate Eye on CBC:  “9/11 Conspiracy Files”—explores the idea that the 9/11 terrorist attack against America and the west was actually an inside job executed by George Bush and his neo-cons.  Seriously.  You know, just in case.  image  On Wednesday and again on Sunday :  “An Inconvenient Truth”—explores the Messiah Al Gore and his wonderful theories, for the 8,000th time on the CBC, in case it isn’t sinking in yet.  Etc. … Saturday it’s “Obama Goes to Africa”: “Part personal odyssey and part chronicle of diplomacy in action, the film follows Obama as he explores the vast continent … Greeted by thousands of cheering well-wishers … Barack Obama narrates the film…”

7.    Hey this ain’t liberal!  And it won’t be repeated in ANY liberal mainstream media, EVER (especially not on CBC’s “The Passionate Eye”):

“If somebody was sending rockets into my house where my two daughters sleep at night, I would do everything to stop that, and would expect Israel to do the same thing.”
Barack Obama, while visiting Israel as a Presidential candidate, 2008.


8.   Clever Dick GG bestows her great words of wisdom upon the fawning nation of plebeians: 


“What these recent events bring to light is how important it is for us to work together – nations, governments, societies, businesses, organizations, individuals, side-by-side,” she said.

“The fend-for-yourself mentality has no place in an interdependent world, where the decisions of some have a profound impact on the lives of others.”

—Former CBC reporter, then appointed by a failed Liberal Prime Minister to be the leader of all the land, the Governor-General of Canada, Michaelle Jean, who suddenly, owing to her position and new-found class distinction, became an oh-so awesome know-it-all, and who now presumes to have the knowledge and life experience and overarching objectivity to explain matters of manifest importance and life generally to Canadians, from her faux throne, in words of her flavor of “wisdom” which have a decidedly socialist bent.

Question: Who even asked her?  And why in tarnation should we care even one whit? 

Hank HillPeter GriffinBart Simpson In related and possibly more useful news, The Family Guy’s own head honcho, Peter Griffin, says his new year’s resolution is:

“To use my intestinal gas in more creative and constructive ways.”

Bart Simpson says of his 2009 plans:

“I plan to raise a family of skunks in Principal Skinner’s car.”

One of my favorite characters, whose advise is almost always better than anything I’ve heard from liberals or The Great Obama or even the Great Governor General, Hank Hill from the coincidentally named King of the Hill, says:

“On a bi-weekly basis, I am going to send President Obama my suggestions for public works projects involving propane. I truly hope and believe he will be the ‘Propane President’.”

Meanwhile, did a poll today:


9. In more precisely related news (see #8) Caroline Kennedy: another liberal genius.  (Aren’t all liberals smart and by golly, borderline geniuses?)  …  Bestows an audience with the home boys, her liberal-left’s very own New York Times division, and their Kennedy-luvin’ editorial board, and the transcript reveals she’s among the most, shall we say, pedantic folks who have ever walked into that room.  Nah, I’m going with obtuse.  Says “you know”, 142 times.  In one 49-second span, she said “you know” 12 times.  I think we have a problem here.  She does not know.  We do.  But do NOT worry:  She is NOT a moron.  She be “progressive”.  You betcha, wink.



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