Newsquips Tuesday

Newsquips Daily News Brief— Newsquips are added through the day, much like the new and more gentle and suck-up ways of saying the word “terrorist” are found by state-owned CBC’s “reporters” and “news” anchors.  (Just now, I learned from the CBC Newsworld that Hamas was a “fundamentalist group”, according to anchor Nil Koksal, but usually on the CBC, they’re “militants”, and the top terrorist dogs are “officials”.  Again, that’s “officials”).  And by the way, as I mentioned yesterday, apparently it’s still “Izree-il” on the CBC. 

1.  They are very very bad. They must be punished!  Those stupid, disgraceful Canadians who work hard and earn more than $42,800 will once again be punished by our benevolent government.  Those hard-working Canadians are of course bad Canadians!  They should be ashamed of themselves. They must be stopped!  (And they will be!)  But in the meantime, until they learn to stop working so hard, and figure out that they shouldn’t work so hard and should aim to earn less money, they will be forced by the so-called “conservative” Canadian government to pay more in payroll taxes in 2009.  Just when we need them to spend their cash and invest more in Canada. Their stupid, stupid employers who are so ridiculous as to pay them $42,800 or even more—will be even more severely punished for paying their employees that much. They must be stopped!  (And they will be!)  The payroll taxes they pay on behalf of those same employees will also rise in 2009—even more than the employees’ tax increases.  It’s the biggest tax hike in payroll taxes since 2002.  Perfect timing.  Hey why not raise corporate taxes and add still more regulations too—and add some of those “man-made global warming” taxes and regs!—especially for car manufacturers!  That helps, right? 
—Link to report at the good Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

image  2.    MORE DECEPTION from the Canadian STATE-OWNED MEDIA.  The CBC once again, as they did yesterday (see yesterday’s item #5), just passed off a pro-Palestinian, anti-Israeli “peaceful” militant group (which nonetheless recognizes the right of Hamas terrorists to launch armed attacks against Israel), as a totally neutral “human rights” observer.  Nil Koksal once again introduced her pal “Jenny” (she calls her “Jenny” on the air during her “news reports”, but “Jenny” is actually Jenny Linell, a whiny, British-sounding Palestinian apologist representing the “peaceful” Palestinian-led group “International Solidarity Movement”) as a “human rights” person—this time, a “human rights researcher”.  Here’s exactly how she was once again introduced, complete with absolutely no indication as to her overt (if only you knew) political, or pro-Palestinian side’s—leanings (and no I didn’t simply type this lazily without punctuation—it represents a spot-on, precise, transcript of Koksal’s drone-like manner of speaking):


CBC “news” anchor Nil Koksal: “For a first-hand account of the situation we’ve reached Jenny Linnel again she is the human rights researcher with the International Solidarity Movement in and she is in Rafa so Jenny we wanted to chat with you again today yesterday you described the situation in Rafa what you’ve been hearing and seeing how do you describe the situation today?”

“Jenny”: “Ummm, it is just getting waaaarse day by day… as you just mentioned the number of casualties and fatalities is mounting, day by day…”

From “Jenny”, that totally neutral observer, we hear that once again, Israel is generally bad, Palestinians are innocent victims, and apparently some Palestinian families are “in shock”.  “In shock”, I guess,  that Israel would retaliate and defend themselves against indiscriminate rocket attacks against Israel by their Palestinian brothers/terrorists.  … What “shocks” me is that there isn’t some sort of formal investigation into the CBC. 

3.    Quiet little poll (I found it at Canadian Business magazine online) by pollster COMPAS, released today, confirms at least a half-dozen other polls by leading pollsters (including even one by the far-left CBC) since the liberal-left coalition of kooks cabal (Dion/Ignatieff/Layton/Duceppe/Castro/etc) attempted their left-wing coup against Canada and democracy:  ”…30% would vote for the Liberals under Ignatieff if an election were called today, whereas 43% would vote for the Conservatives — enough to secure a majority of seats in the House of Commons…”.  … Despite the media.  Huh. 

image  4.   Just now:  CBC Newsworld once again tells a full story about the latest twists in the story of Democratic Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich, as just another story of…. just a governor.  Not emphasizing or even mentioning, once, that he’s a DEMOCRATIC governor, no no no.  It’s all about politics, but they don’t mention “DEMOCRAT”, once. (12:43 PM PT UPDATE: CTV Newsnet just did same).  Only Republicans who have accusations against them—even non-political or later disproven accusations—are identified (over and over and over again) with the REPUBLICAN party name, as in REPUBLICAN Sarah Palin, who once said “you betcha”, and who “chose life”. 

5.  The great columnist Phyllis Schlafly:  “…The National Association of Scholars reports that use of the term ‘social justice’ is today understood to mean ‘the advocacy of more egalitarian access to income through state-sponsored redistribution.’ That is academic verbiage for Barack Obama’s assertion that he wants to ‘spread the wealth around.’”  … I find that it also sounds exactly like socialism.  Income redistribution—the government taking money out of the hands of people who earned it, and giving to those who didn’t—is a central tenet of socialism. …  Phyllis Schlafly goes on:  “Howard Zinn, author of the anti-American ‘People’s History of the United States,’ urges educators to prioritize ‘social justice’ education over political neutrality. In a 1998 interview, he said ‘quiet revolution’ to move us toward ‘democratic socialism’ was his goal in writing ‘People’s History.’ 

… When really pushed, the you’ve got to be kidding party’s Jack Layton and Hugo Chavez and others like them speak of their goal of “democratic socialism” (or what I more accurately call “regular socialism” with a cute happy face painted on it).  MUST READ —Phyllis Schlafly’s column on public schools and how they’ve already succeeded in changing even young evangelicals’ values and their voting inclinations in elections. … I think it’s “progressive”, and the “progress” doesn’t have an exit strategy. 



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