New Year’s Eve NewsQuips

Newsquips daily briefing—   Newsquips are updated all day, much like idiotic calls from expert political pundits for Conservatives to make new year’s resolutions to be “nicer” and to be more “congenial” and “flexible” (and “appeasy” and “spendy” and “taxy”) and to not be such meaniepants;  and to bend over in new and exciting and more “open” ways to the left-wing “progressive” social policy and left-wing increased taxation demands of finger-wagging Liberal know-it-alls and even further leftists, and their left-wing media editorial boards and crack journalists and pundits and those ingenious columnists who constantly faux fret over how “mean” Harper is, and their incessant whiny demands that he be “moderate” and bendy and do what they and their leftist brethren say;  in a way in which they on the left have never, ever done when they were in power, minority or not, nor would ever, ever do when the will someday be again.  Yeah.  Newsquips update like that.  All day. 

image1.    Tzipi_Livni_Israeli_foreign_ministerIsrael making me prouder of Israel.  I’m filing this under “Exit Strategies I Like”:  Israel has rebuffed international pressure to impose a temporary halt of its offensive in Gaza, promising not to stop until Hamas guarantees they will no longer shoot rockets across the border. … ‘Giving Hamas a respite just to regroup, rearm is a mistake,’ Olmert spokesman Mark Regev said. ‘The pressure on the Hamas military machine must continue.’”  …  When was the last time—OK the first time—OK any time you ever heard any of the political Nancies in Canada having the balls to talk like that about Israel or even, say, the noble war we are ourselves engaged in in Afghanistan, or the war we should have been aiding our brothers in, in Iraq?  Like, say, We will stop when we win, and they are finished. And we don’t care what the sacred Euroliberal French think about it. There’s your “exit strategy”.  Your “End date”.   

2. TOTALLY REDUNDANT—  For at least the past two days (Monday’s Newsquip #5; Tuesday’s Newsquip #2), Canada’s state-owned media—the CBC—and their state-employed Newsworld anchor Nil Koksal, imageturned to the oh-so totally neutral and not-at-all pro-Palestinian or anti-Israel “human rights”, um, “researcher” (actual CBC/Nil Koksal monikers applied to the pro-Palestinian operative they passed-off as totally neutral for you dumb and pliable canooks) from the International Solidarity Movement, Jenny Linnel (Mizzz Koksal calls her “Jenny” in her on-air “news” reports) .  But today (at least so far) they have not found “Jenny’s” phone number at the Palestinian family house in which she stays when doing her “research” into the “human rights”.  Instead, they relied on total redundancy by interviewing an al-Jazeera reporter.  For expert analysis.  For your “information”. 

3.   CBC FINDS “TERROR”!  I’ve remarked repeatedly about how Canada’s state-owned media—the CBC—avoids, at all costs, calling the Hamas terrorists, “terrorists”.  And how despite reality, they incessantly call the war on terror the “so-called war on terror” (or worse, by their full CBC terminology, “George Bush’s so-called war on terror”).  In this latest war with terrorists in Gaza, they prefer “militants” for Hamas terrorists, or for the top Hamas terrorist dogs, “Hamas officials”.  But they found the word “TERROR” today! … Alas, as might be expected from the CBC, the “terror” is not from the terrorists.  Here’s my precise transcript:

CBC Newsworld anchor Nil Koksal:  “…Now a ground war with house-to-house fighting would make life even more desperate for the people of Gaza, and it’s already desperate enough!  Food is scarce, hospitals are overflowing and the terror caused by the bombing is constant!  Ayman Mohyeldin of al-Jazeera is one of the few network TV reporters in Gaza…”

4. Sign of the GODLESS times of the GODLESS religion (which gives me another opportunity to promote a fantastic book called GODLESS by our own Ann Coulter):

Atheist Group Files Lawsuit Against Prayer at Presidential Inauguration
The head of an atheist group that has filed a lawsuit against prayer at Barack Obama’s presidential inauguration says the government is picking a winner between “believers” and “those who don’t believe” and subjecting atheists and agnostics to someone else’s religious beliefs…

Atheist fundamentalist warriors from the church of liberalism are active at this time of year.  Christmas annoys them no end, new years celebrations—the years themselves, every year—are literally based on the year Jesus Christ was born (which may itself be at the root of their God derangement syndrome); and every four years, the president-elect swears in on a Bible and utters the words considered words of terror to atheists:  “So help me God”.  Drives ‘em batty.  They have been emboldened recently with lots of favorable rulings from the liberals’ court divisions, and especially with the election of their messiah man Obama whose “Christian” church leader Jeremiah Wright said “No no no!  Not God bless the USA, God damn the U.S. of K.K.K.” (or some such yummy motto of the liberal-left’s church of liberalism), and thought it would all spell the end of that whole God thing (and possibly USA, to boot).  Therefore, when Obama chose not to end God for them on the day of his very inauguration, they have become unhinged.  … MEANWHILE, I keep waiting for the popular backlash against these atheist liberal-left fundamentalists, since upwards of 90% of Americans and a few less than that in Canada are people who believe in God, mostly as Christians, and I’m starting to wonder if all traditionalists, all conservatives, all Christians—regular Canadians and Americans—have simply been beaten down by the tyranny of the minority.  Remember, the “progressives” are actually good warriors and have no “exit strategy” in their war, except winning
(Hat tip to Matt B. for the article, although I’ve seen the plaintiff interviewed on Fox News Channel a couple of times in the past couple of days).

5.    Priorities, now… on my way to the liquor store. 

image 6.    MARK STEYN will be guest-hosting for RUSH LIMBAUGH on January 2, 2009.  It’s not that easy to find a spot online to catch the Rush Limbaugh show in Canada these days, which is one reason why I have a very worthwhile US$6.95 monthly membership to, where you can watch it live, or just listen to it, or listen later on from their MP3s, and more. 



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