CBC in “disproportionate use of” media “force” in “offensive” sympathy-evoking “attack” production

SYMPATHY FOR PALESTINIANS, SORTIE #7,045 –  a disproportionate use of state-owned media force to help engender a particular emotion from viewers

Over the CBC Newsworld banner “A FAMILY’S STORY”, what I see as the far-left Palestinian-apologists at the state-owned media in Canada, the CBC, today presented a lovely little bit of Palestinian sympathy theater for Canadians.  They set up a conference call of sorts between the news anchor, a Palestinian fellow named Moussa El-Haddad living in Gaza, and his daughter, a “freelance journalist” named Laila El-Haddad, living in North Carolina.  It was an almost exact replica of a CNN production from January 4, starring the same father-daughter cast, with the same “well I’m still alive, so far” lines from the father and the same storyline from both about the “genocide” by Israel.

The CNN production at left, the CBC production at right
image  image

In today’s CBC production of the traveling roadshow production, upon all kinds of hilariously, excruciatingly, leading, softball questioning (the likes of just how bad are the Israeli attacks? and how much are you suffering because of the Israeli attacks? and can you describe the Israeli attacks in more vivid detail? and how does that make you feel?) by the CBC’s anchor, Nancy Wilson (with a concerned looking facial expression), each of the “FAMILY STORY” guests took turns informing Canadians about the fact, left unchallenged and unquestioned by the anchor, that Israel is causing a “massacre”, and “terror”, (etc.) in Gaza. 

At one point near the end of the CBC’s version of the production, the father indicated, de facto, that the Israeli jets were dropping some sort of widely dispersing chemicals over Gaza, hidden within white smoke in cluster bombs being dropped by F-16s and Apaches, leaving the clear impression to me that he meant that the Israelis were deploying some sort of chemical weapons of mass destruction, Saddam Hussein-style.  All of this was also left completely unchallenged and unquestioned by the CBC anchor Nancy Wilson

And he then added that the Israelis had instructed Palestinians to leave their homes and get into shelters, only to then purposely bomb the shelters, implying that Israelis had purposely set up the Palestinian women and children to be slaughtered.  Again, no questions, no challenge on that account, from the otherwise very curious news anchor, Nancy Wilson, whose trademark is to obsessively end every single interview with the words, “very interesting!”. 

Even a cursory Google glance at Laila El-Haddad reveals to me that the woman the CBC calls a random Gaza “family” member and a “freelance journalist” would be better described as a professional Palestinian propagandist

This pre-packaged sympathy-evoking journalistic production, which CBC calls “news”, went on for a full nine minutes.  NINE. 

Then, for “fairness” and “balance”, CBC-style, they asked an Israeli Defense Forces spokesman to speak about the latest attacks, and provided that spokesman less than one minute to do so. 

A few minutes later: another long and thorough report about the latest Israeli (counter) attack from the CBC’s own reporter in Israel.  The same Israel where Hamas terrorists and various Arab countries and Palestinian warriors and terrorists have been bombing Israel for decades.  She described details about the horror of the Israeli attacks on the Palestinians, followed by a little clip from an Israeli Defense Minister, lasting about eight seconds

imageA few minutes after that, the CBC engaged an interview with someone they likely hope you will take as a serious and objective observer simply because he’s with UNICEF.  As we know, the U.N. is oh so very balanced and objective when it comes to Israel.  His name was Abdel-Rahman Ghandour

imageA few minutes later, a “Canadian” trapped in Gaza, named Moutazz AbuRamadan with a thorough report about the horrors of the Israeli (re)action.

Then another few short seconds from an Israeli spokesman who (properly) blames Hamas for the situation.  These exact same clips (or clipettes) from the Israeli side are simply dotted over the many fresh, new, and lengthy reports from the Palestinian side, as if to bore us with Israel’s repeated and stale claims of “self-defense”.

Apparently the CBC has taken the position that if they present a few seconds of the Israeli side every once in a while, even if they massively dominate their coverage by presenting long minutes of sympathy-evoking Palestinian coverage with families and trapped Palestinian “Canadians”, they can then claim to be fair and balanced.  They can claim that they do in fact present both sides, which strictly speaking, they do.  So let’s go with that:  the CBC isn’t all bad, smirk, wink.  There.  I’m equally perfectly fair and balanced because I present both favorable and unfavorable reviews of the far-left, state-owned CBC.


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