TRIVIA 1: CBC changed their official economic doom-n-gloom icon

As eagle-eyed CBC-watchers or PTBC readers might have noticed, at some point, the CBC changed its official symbol of its regular economic doom-n-gloom ‘n Armageddon briefings —its on-screen icon accompanying their infamous freak-out banners which daily, all day long,  prognosticate economic “retail wretchedness”, for example.  (And not merely “so-called” wretchedness, in that way they at the CBC call the war on terror the “so-called” war on terror).

It used to be fairly neutral, but maybe that wasn’t having the desired—tendentious—downward—effect, so they changed it to one looking more negative.  This change happened at some point after November 25 last year, according to my graphics files. 

Here’s the icon they affixed to all their horrific on-screen banners concerning economic matters, prior to November 25 2008:

Here it is close-up: a neutral-looking “financial” icon.

Then from December 11, 2008, and onward up to today, they’ve changed the icon to this negative-looking, downward pointing chart, which obviously conveys a negative image:

And here it is close-up:  the CBC graphics “artist” made one of a chart pointing downward.  I guess it goes better with their countless badgering, hectoring “RECESSION WORRIES” and “WRETCHED RETAIL”-type banners:

It’s not a conspiracy theory or something I’d call CBC Icon-Gate, the way the CBC calls all matters that might possibly be damaging to conservatives.  It’s just something I noticed and find curious, given their style of and record of reporting. 

Thursday UPDATE — A Prediction:
I imagine once Obama is sworn in and he has accessed all the cash from taxpayers that he wants to grab, and the massive government spending and corporate takeover plans are being implemented, and something like the same thing is done here in Canada, then the chart will be reversed.


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