CBC interviews Bush-hater reporter to help celebrate inauguration of their unity and love agent

image  For its part, on the Sunday before inauguration, the Canadian state media conducted an interview with non other than Bush-hating liberal-left reporter Helen Thomas, who was asked by the CBC reporter Carole MacNeil, on the occasion of the inauguration, who Thomas thought was the worst president ever, knowing full well what Thomas’s answer would be.  We know she knew full well because the question was asked like this:

CBC reporter Carole MacNeil: “President George W. Bush… You’re quoted as saying he’s the worst president in history.”

See? They make it very easy.

click to watch YouTube video at YouTubeThomas then answers and gives “reasons”: 

HELEN THOMAS: “…not only that but his conservative views on everything!  I’m a liberal.  I was born a liberal.  I’ll be one until I die!  What else should a reporter be?!”

See?  The make it super easy.

The CBC reporter then posits this question to Thomas, and in framing it, makes out like it would be preposterous to do as she suggests in her question:

CBC Reporter:“But you know it’s interesting because I’m sure if somebody from the right was sitting here they would say, if you asked the question “what else should a reporter be?”, they would say, “Oh I don’t know how about objective?!” ‘

How about this: If someone were sitting there as, say, a half-ass objective reporter (never mind “somebody from the right”), they’d laugh at your face for saying what you just said, call you out as a biased reporter, make a solid point of it, and suggest “maybe you should try being objective and behave like an honest reporter!”.

But no.  Anyway, Thomas had an answer suggesting that to NOT be liberal is to (a) not think, and (b) not care:

Thomas:  “You’re not asking people not to think, not to care are you?”

No, the CBC reporter is asking someone she holds out as “a legend” to tell the world that George Bush is the worst president ever.  And to try to help reform Helen Thomas’s now admittedly biased stance as a LIBERAL reporter.


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