War on Recession? Know the real enemies.

Here’s what’s going on in the world view of the state-owned, socialism-reliant CBC’s Canada.

While they never reported on any single one of one of the countless millions of job “gains” or hirings on the way up, now they “report on” every single solitary layoff being announced by every single company or organization of any sort whatsoever (seasonal or not, recession-related or not…) from every inch and corner of North America.  Every single one.  A small retail store chain laying off 357 cashiers?  Report it.  Texas Instruments laying off 3,000 workers (even if it is out of a total work force of tens of thousands)?  Report on that with even more gusto —without the proportional context I mentioned, if at all possible (possible excuses for CBC: cite “time constraints”). 

The official DOOM ‘n GLOOM, everything’s lookin’ real bad, get nervous! —icon used by the CBC in their banners, while reporting on every single instance of bad news they can possibly find from anywhere.  Whether this is supposed to influence our thinking or not is an open question (with a possible answer of “obviously yes”) but it certainly reflects the tone of the CBC’s coverage —all fear, all the time.

Report every single job loss or layoff as a result of this recession and drop in consumer spending and confidence (which once again they are of course merely, ever so altruistically, “reporting on” —rather than leading or being a huge part of). 

So read this bit of idiocy I transcribed from what I saw moments ago on CBC, between the news anchor Nancy (“very interesting!”) Wilson and the doom ‘n gloom reporter for the socialism and big government spending-reliant CBC’s oxymoronic and incongruous image “YOUR BUSINESS” segment, Jeannie Lee, as they try to triangulate that mysterious “nervous” consumer phenomenon.  Lee of course just got through once again listing several stories of job losses, as she does every chance she gets, and as if to re-emphasize her point, reported on the increase in jobless EI claims compared to last year (while not comparing it to when EI claims were even higher—under Liberals). 

Jeannie Lee:  So this illustrates why a recession can build on itself.  People get nervous, don’t spend, companies can’t sell their goods, they cut jobs, making more people more nervous, making people tight with their money, which is why Nancy today’s budget will try to get us to spend more already, and maybe save some of those jobs and get things going again.

Nancy Wilson: Yeah, no, we’ve been talking about that already today.  The it we we know that the objective here is to get people spending as part of the stimulus strategy so we can get back on the road to recovery but no one’s really quite sure and under the circumstances but people I think feel so overwhelmed right now there’s either a mood of uncertainty or just this sense of bunker mentality uh that is you know it’s hard to persuade people to spend money even if we all accept that that is a big part of the solution, right?

Jenny Lee: And whether they’ll just pocket whatever savings they get through tax cuts to save for a rainy day which seems to be here!

Ah.  So according to Lee, “this illustrates” why a recession can build on itself. She pretends to have utterly no idea from where in tarnation this weird “people get nervous” thing emanates.  I have a very clear idea about that as I’ve just explained. 

And a MEMO to naysayer idiots and nihilists on the left and far-left, and CBC apologists (all of whom may be one and the same):  Yes, the media have to report what’s going on.  But they’ve already blown it.  They’ve only reported half the story (the negative half, of course).  They didn’t report on every single hiring spurt that every single company engaged in over the past several years, to the extent that unemployment dropped to historic lows (under Harper—whatdoyaknow);  much as they didn’t constantly report on every instance in which the stock markets raced upward and repeatedly hit new record highs, day after day, over the past year or two.  Just the downturn.  And with big huge tendentious (all negative) banners and pure hyperbole and clichés like constantly, glibly alluding to “THE ‘R’-WORD”.  So no, they are not just doing their jobs and informing us.  They are purposely shaping our opinion.  They are driving an agenda.  They cannot be trusted.

And they are the enemy. 

When the media is the enemy:  In Canada, federal spending cuts is the only way to help solve this one, since the behemoth of state media is the state-owned, run, and federally-funded CBC


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