CBC accidentally uses wrong icon?

I’ve pointed out before how the state-owned CBC Newsworld has adopted an official “capitalism is crashing!” icon for their daily, all-day, constantly repeated, incessant trashing of the economy news reports, but when their The Great Obama speaks—even if it’s about the economy (in which he trashes it as best he is able) —their icon changes to an icon in the form of an image looking up at a glowing Obama with a warm halo-like light above his head (as seen from the angle of one who might be, I don’t know, genuflecting before him?). 

But this morning they almost blew it by deploying their “capitalism is crashing!” icon with regard to Obama’s “stimulus” bill. 

Then they quickly got it straight again.


Must not associate negativity with regard to The Great Obama.  Just toward the economy.  Until he fixes it of course.

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