TAKING BETS Part II: Will CBC report it? McDonald’s sales up 7% in January, along with Wal-Mart

Last week, in “Part I”, the CBC purposely failed to report that Wal-Mart sales rose over 2 percent in January (they mentioned that Wal-Mart’s sales exceeded expectations, but didn’t report that they rose, or of course by how much they rose);  and today, we find that McDonald’s sales are up 7.1 percent worldwide in same-store sales for the month.

Will CBC report it?



In the oxymoronic (with an emphasis on “moronic”) state-owned and socialism-reliant CBC’s “YOUR BUSINESS” (8:05 AM PT segment), state-paid information agent Jeannie Lee informed Canadians nothing of the sort.  She simply went over the usual litany of dour, doom ‘n gloom economic news that strikes her fancy today. For example, GM is laying off 10,000 workers—but they’re all white collar so, as I understand it, the correct position is “who gives a crap?”;  and that nutbar Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney repeated his earlier assertions—this time to the Parliamentary standing committee on finance—that Canada is on track to bounce back by 2010.  You know—whatever.
UPDATE 1-b:  The 9:05 AM PT and 10:10 AM PT segments both failed to report the news. 


Actual reader comment by a CBC fan at CBC.ca, regarding Bank of Governor Mark Carney’s comments: “Mark Carney,is a financial terrorist…”  —APPROVED by state-owned, taxpayer-funded CBC’s moderators. 

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