Obama hucksterism in state-owned, taxpayer-funded media

Obama’s Treasury Secretary (and tax cheat, but that’s A-OK Jack—he’s a Democrat) Timothy Geithner held a news conference this morning to lay out his grand government plan to fix the economy.  At the sycophantic state-owned media, the CBC, rather than simply play on the phrase “dollars and cents”, the CBC attempts to ensure you take it the way they want you to take it—the right (er… left) way:  It’s “sensible”!  It’s “DOLLARS AND SENSE”!


Previous attempts included this January 23 one which instructed you to think that the shear weight of Obama’s election meant “THE ROAD TO RECOVERY” (complete with the glowing, angelic iconic image of Obama with that warm, halo-like golden yellow glow above his head):


By the way:  Before Geithner’s speech at 11 a.m., the Dow was down 66 points. It fell by 233 points by the time Geithner finished his address at about 11:30 a.m. (eastern).  Now it’s down 344 (10:29 AM PT).  FINAL UPDATE – DOW closed down 383. 

And what was Geithner’s big announcement?

The previous bank bailout plan—not the $850-odd BILLION “stimulus” bill just passed today by the Senate—the $700 BILLION one for American financial institutions—wasn’t big enough.  It will be expanded by hundreds of billions of dollars, to as much as a TRILLION dollars.  That’s on top of the Obama “stimulus” plan.  So the previous spending wasn’t enough.  That’s weird.  That never happens with governments. 

Government spending didn’t work.  Spend more.  Makes “sense”.  To prove it, in a later update on the Geithner “plan”, the CBC deployed this banner instructing you that the Dems are “FIXING THE ECONOMY”:


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