UPDATED—TAKING BETS Part III: Will CBC report it? Intel to invest $7 billion in manufacturing…

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    Please see “Part II” posted earlier.  “Part I” is here.

Intel to invest TWO BILLION DOLLARS over next two years.  7,000 jobs. 

Will CBC report it?

Intel to invest $7bln to build US plants

1 hour ago

WASHINGTON (AFP) — Computer chip maker Intel said Tuesday it would invest seven billion dollars over the next two years to build advanced US manufacturing plants using nanotechnology in the United States.

The world’s largest chip maker said the investment was its largest to date for a new manufacturing process. 

…  Intel said the investment would be made at existing manufacturing sites in Oregon, Arizona and New Mexico and would support about 7,000 high-wage, high-skill jobs at those sites.


FAILURE TO REPORT.  In its oxymoronic (with an emphasis on the “moronic”) “YOUR BUSINESS” segment at 9:05 AM PT, the socialism-reliant state-owned taxpayer-funded CBC purposely failed to report the good news that is available to them to report to you.  They did re-report the GM layoffs.  UPDATE 1-b:  The 10:10 AM PT segment also failed to report the news. 


This somewhat reminds me of this item from the fantastic Media Research Center today:

CBS Ignores Broad Public Support for Tax Cuts in Recent Poll
A CBS News poll conducted February 2 through February 4 found that 62 percent of Americans believe that tax cuts would do more to get the country out of recession, while only 16 percent thought government spending would. However, when Evening News anchor Katie Couric touted other results from that same poll on Thursday, February 5 she managed to leave out that particular finding.

UPDATE 3 — 10:45 AM PT:

CBC credits the Obama “stimulus” plan—which hasn’t even passed yet, much less spent any cash —for the Intel news!  This is almost EXACTLY as sarcastically predicted in a comment to this blog entry by “twh”, who wrote:  “They may report it, and say “See, Obama’s policies are already bearing fruit.” ”

imageHere’s EXACTLY how it was presented:

CBC Newsworld anchor Suhana Meharchand: We have seen Washington swing into action today trying to give ‘CPR’ if you will to the financial markets and the economy and already we are seeing an example of stimulus in action—a company that is making news not for cutbacks in tough times but for quite the opposite!  Jeannie Lee is back with that story and more—I mean this is hard to understand a company that is expanding in these times Jeannie?

CBC “YOUR BUSINESS” reporter Jeannie Lee:  Yeah wool this is partly a case Suhana of ‘buy low sell high’, invest in bad times to cash-in when things turn around and also partly to get in on the stimulus spending action—all those billions out there for grabs!  … So this is at least partially an example of ‘stimulus’ at work!

Yes.  Intel embarked on a giant, strategic, SEVEN BILLION DOLLAR two-year plan, based on some loose talk of government spending in the past few days or weeks.  Not likely.  And even if it is, it’s at best an example of just how quickly private enterprise—the folks—can spend their own cash on their own initiative (without government stimulus) and get things in the economy moving —unlike governments which take years and years to wastefully spend taxpayers’ cash for them.  Either way, it’s an indictment of government “stimulus” plans—not to the credit of them.  And certainly not to Obama’s credit, as the CBC has insinuated here in the most egregious—most duplicitous—example of Obama-hucksterism and political deception so far today.

UPDATE 4 —11:20 AM PT:

In a later “YOUR BUSINESS” segment, while informing us again about the GM job losses announced earlier today, the CBC reporter Jeannie Lee informed us that it would take a while —a “long time” —for any stimulus package to actually “kick in”. 

CBC “YOUR BUSINESS” reporter Jeannie Lee:  …So Suhana more pain and more expected since it will take a long time for any stimulus package to kick in!

So which is it?  When things are looking up, it’s because of Obama’s magic.  When they aren’t, it’s because his magic hasn’t “kicked in” yet. 

CBC.  Kick them out.

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