TAKING BETS Part IV: Will CBC report it? Boston Pizza reports strong 2008 growth including 4th qtr

    Please see “Part III”, posted earlier today, and “Part II” also posted earlier.  “Part I” is here.

Actually unlike the other bets today, this is a bit of a cheater bet, because I already know they chose not to report on this, amongst their doom ‘n gloom capitalism has failed and pass all that government spending! reporting.

Boston Pizza plans to open about 130 new locations over the next five years.  They employ over 16,000 people across Canada. 

Boston Pizza reports strong growth in 2008 despite downturn

By Brian Morton, Vancouver Sun
February 10, 2009

…“While same-store sales growth in 2008 was lower than our historical performance, we are pleased to have exceeded our strong sales levels from one year ago despite weaker economic condition compared to 2007,” Boston Pizza president Mark Pacinda said in a conference call Monday after the release of the company’s financial statements for 2008.


Pacinda said Boston Pizza posted total franchise sales of $164.3 million in the fourth quarter of 2008 and $658.7 million for the year, representing an increase of 5.9 per cent for the quarter over the same period in 2007, and a nine-per-cent increase for the full year over 2007.

He also noted that same-store sales growth (existing stores that were also open in 2007) rose 0.1 per cent for the fourth quarter compared to the fourth quarter of 2007, and 0.7 per cent for the year.


Boston Pizza owner and co-chairman George Melville said in the conference call that Boston Pizza, which now has 325 restaurants, opened two new restaurants in January.

“January has trended positively,” he added. “We don’t have the numbers yet, but it’s looking good.”

According to the company’s financial results, the Boston Pizza Royalties Income Fund saw earnings before income taxes increase by 16.3 per cent in the fourth quarter over the same period in 2007 and 18.3 per cent for the year.

I know internet ink is expensive, but CBC.ca even failed to report it—although they did report that Avcorp is cutting 100 jobs. 

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