Canada’s CBC host cum leader of all the land, GG Michaelle Jean: Vancouver is beside the Rockies

Are you smarter than a fifth grader?

CTV screen captureYou can see Whistler from Vancouver —didja know that? 

Neither did I. And I live in Vancouver.  In fact you’d have to be in a space ship to see Whistler and Vancouver at the same time.  And maybe Canada’s Governor-General is from outer space. 

More proof that watching—or being associated with—the CBC makes you dumber by the second. 

The woman who used to work for the state-owned CBC as a show host and a reporter, but who was inexplicably appointed by the Liberal government to be leader of all the land, the Governor-General, lectured some children today about the Vancouver-Whistler Olympics in 2010. 

And those “very very tall mountains” in Vancouver?  “These mountains are called the Rockies!”

That’s what Michaëlle Jean said.

One kid corrected her—“No!  It’s the Coast Mountains!” she said. 

A pouty Jean shot back:  “Well we can also call them the Rockies, no?” 

“No, they’re totally different,” a grownup replied, inasmuch as (a) the Rockies are like 520 miles away (that’s 847 Kilometers for you liberals); and (b) they’re not the Rocky Mountains, they’re the Coast Mountains. 

Jean sheepishly responded, “I’m learning something here!”

Then she continued, “From there you can also see the city of Whistler!”

No you can’t, inasmuch as Whistler is 75 miles away (that’s 115 kilometers for you liberals), through some of those Coast Mountains you know nothing about.

See this embarrassment at
—at the 3-minute mark. 

(Hat tip to DC in YOW for the heads up)

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