TAKING BETS Part IX: Will CBC report it? Telus profit, Enbridge cheery, Coke high, Microsoft boots

Today, the socialism-reliant, state-owned CBC—even the oxymoronic (em: “moronic”) “YOUR BUSINESS” segment—can’t stop talking about the tragic news of the plane crash in New York, over-examining the “Canadian connection” of the news —as if the “Canadian connection” of the news of those poor souls and their families are what Canadians are most concerned about today. 

As far as I can tell, they’ve broken from their crash coverage only to allow us to hear what President Obama said about it, and to tell us that a Liberal Chretien appointee was acquitted of criminal fraud charges today. 

imageSo far, the entire “YOUR BUSINESS” segments this morning have been completely occupied by CBC reporter Jeannie Lee telling us all the facts and figures on Bombardier’s business, and how its shares are doing today in the stock market, and so on.  So it’s not as if they care only about the dead people and their families.  According to Lee:  Bombardier’s Dash-8 sales have sky-rocketed because it’s fuel efficient … the engines are also made in Canada…  the plane’s owner/operator recently ordered more of these planes from Bombardier for $430 million U.S. … its stock is down today … many Canadian mutual funds and pensions plans invest in Bombardier … parking is cheaper in Buffalo than in Canada…

But of course they’re also covering it like no other plane crash in memory because (a) it involves a made-in-The Nation Of Quebec, largely government-sponsored Bombardier plane; imageand (b) it takes away from having to report on Obama’s latest political calamities; and (c) they don’t have to bring up Michaelle Jean, who proved she doesn’t know squat about the part of her adopted homeland outside of her Nation Of Quebec and Haiti; and (d) they don’t have to bring up the good news stories in business.

But even if all other things were normal, I bet they wouldn’t cover these stories.  They’d stick to their usual format of broadcasting, to the best of their ability, more Obama-style FEAR MONGERING, and their usual economic freak-out news, and stories that they might hope will convince still more consumers and voters that capitalism is dead! and Obama has such a big challenge ahead of him! and governments must spend approximately one TRILLION BLOBILLION dollars!

But here’s some of the upbeat business news which should be covered once they get around to covering news other than Bombardier business news and the “Canadian connection” of the crash news:

Telus –  For the three months ended Dec. 31, Telus posted a profit of $285-million, or 90 cents a share, on sales of $2.45-billion. … Analysts surveyed by Bloomberg had expected share profit of 81 cents on sales of $2.458-billion.

Enbridge not bothered by economic slump— CALGARY — Fourth-quarter profit at Enbridge Inc., Canada’s No. 2 pipeline firm, rose 6 per cent and the company said its core business operations have been largely unaffected by the crisis in the financial markets and the slump in energy prices. … Enbridge reiterated that it expects its 2009 earnings per share to grow by 20 per cent as it advances its portfolio of liquids pipelines growth projects.  The company is in the midst of a multibillion-dollar expansion of its North American pipeline system to ship crude from the oil sands to new markets in Canada and the United States.

Coca-Cola Shares Rise As Profit Beats Estimates— The Atlanta-based soft-drink icon made $995 million, or 43 cents per share. 

Microsoft Corp. on Thursday announced plans to open its own stores despite the economic downturn that has left many retailers struggling.  The company hired David Porter, a 25-year veteran of Wal-Mart Stores Inc., as its corporate vice president of retail stores.


Nothing on my good news stories. 

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