TAKING BETS Part X: Will CBC report it? Wal-Mart profits

While the privately-owned Financial Post is on this good news story, the state-owned, socialism-reliant, gloom ‘n doom, capitalism is dying! CBC.ca is not.  Nor have I heard it on the oxymoronic (emphasis: “moronic”) “YOUR BUSINESS” segment of the state-owned CBC Newsworld channel (channel 390 on my Star Choice satellite dial). 

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. on Tuesday posted a quarterly profit that beat Wall Street expectations, helped by strong U.S. sales at its namesake discount stores. … US$3.79-billion, or 96 U.S. cents per share, for its fiscal fourth quarter that ended Jan. 31 … Last month, Wal-Mart forecast earnings per share from continuing operations of 91 to 94 cents (U.S.)

I find it just about impossible to understand (aside from my usual above adjective-ridden preamble to the name “CBC”), how a news outlet worth its salt could ignore the fact that the world’s biggest retailer is making a good profit, while at the same time reporting other stories of far lesser companies of far lesser importance losing money.  Especially in these economic times. 

Unless there’s an agenda at play. 


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