Canuck media in Obama foreplay; but G.W.Bush had a higher approval rating in Canada than Obama did.

All the Canadian Obama-promoting and luvin’ media is in full swoon, and are happily exposing their bits—their organs—their full-on slobbering love affair with their The Great Obama.  They’re working themselves (and you, as best they can) into a pubescent, hormone-laced frenzy, ahead of his Canadian visit later this week.  I’m just waiting for them to hand out state-funded CBC/Obamamania condoms

I’ve never heard so much idiotic talk of “rock star” and “Obamamania”, and Canada’s “love” for anyone.  It’s not as if it’s all really true love, at least among most normal Canadians with brains, it’s really more the fact that the media (for whom it is true)  wants you to share their slobbering love affair with them—a sort of group sex thing—and/or just think it’s all true. 

In fact, as CBC Newsworld anchor Andrew Nichols incessantly gushed while interviewing his sister, CBC News anchor Peter Mansbridge, who just enjoyed a slobbering smooch-fest with The Great Obama, Mansbridge let it slip that President Bush actually had an approval rating in Canada that was higher than The Great Obama. 

CBCs Nicholls and Mansbridge on_Obama - literally(And yes, this is an exact transcript)

CBC Newsworld anchor Andrew Nichols [gushing]:  Peter is there any awareness he’s talk about rock star and some of the polls that we’ve seen in that he’s got something like an 82% approval rating in this country even more than in the United States does he have any awareness that there seems to be at least at this point a lot of affection for him on this side of the border?!!!!!

CBC News anchor Peter Mansbridge:  Yeah I, I think ya know he recognizes that not just about Canada but about many other countries in the world, uh, I mean, ya know, uh, let’s be realistic here, though, he’s, ya know he’s three weeks into his presidency lots can change!  I mean there was a time after 9/11 where George Bush Bush was receiving 85% approval ratings in this country, and uh was looked upon far differently than he ended up being looked upon…

But I don’t recall any liberal media swooning and engaging in media sex over W.  In fact I only recall media HATE and CONTEMPT and LIES and PATHOLOGICAL RESENTMENT of President Bush.  Hard to imagine how Bush “was looked upon far differently than he ended up being looked upon.”


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