Why not study the “human cost of” NOT going to war?

imageOnce again, for the 8,000th time, the benevolent state-owned CBC is ever so earnestly looking into the likes of “the human cost of war”. 

Why not study the “human cost of” NOT going to war?  No I know, that sounds neo-con-y.  It wouldn’t be liberal.  Damn the fact that I’m right, it just ain’t liberal. 

We have to concern ourselves with the “human cost” of war, sure, but just as with human cost of anything.  You know, anything.  Like the human cost of, say, 9/11; and the certainty of the inestimable human cost of not going to war against those who would literally seek our annihilation, for example.  Or, say, the cost of freedom, and the salient fact that freedom isn’t free.  It has a cost. 

The CBC seems completely uninterested in that though. 

Maybe the CBC doesn’t think the cost of freedom is worthwhile—or even worth examining for or with Canadians.  Maybe that would go against some sort of agenda.  I don’t know.  But I do know the CBC constantly looks at ALL the costs of war—the human costs, the cost of each helicopter, things like the cost of replacement buttons needed for soldiers’ jackets, etc., but I can’t remember them looking at the real benefits of investing in building and maintaining freedom, there and here, and our national security, and what the “human costs” of not doing that might be.  They never seem to look at that angle. 

While they constantly—usually by way of left-wing and far-left anti-war zealots—question the worthiness of the war in Afghanistan, and constantly try to sow the seeds of doubt, cast aspersions, evoke guilt and resentment amongst Canadians (and then commission a poll seeing how we feel about the war in Afghanistan), and generally attempt to wear us down relentlessly, they never seem to be able to squeeze in any questions about the consequences of doing what they’d apparently prefer:  nothing;  or apologizing to the enemy for offending them with our evil ways, or even surrendering to the enemy in the event of any “human costs”. 

What do they imagine might happen if no military action was taken, post 9/11, and if we don’t win our military action?  Well apparently they don’t even imagine it.  The liberal-left are quite prepared to leave the war now, un-won, so either they’ve examined the costs and have decided it’s not worth it, or they are actually completely ignorant of all the costs—including the cost of freedom.  Either way they’re being utterly stupid.

But even as they cast themselves as such glorious humanitarians and caring, peaceful agents of compassion and custodians of the tally of “human costs” of war,  imagine the crass, nefarious thinking behind those who are constantly reporting in this way, constantly calling our efforts into question—with the full knowledge that they’re doing so even while we have our own countrymen fighting in that war—putting their lives on the line.  Imagine how that sinks into the soul of the Canadian soldier, way over there.  And imagine the added danger this imposes on those brave honorable men and women, as it emboldens the enemy, and marginalizes the very efforts of our own soldiers and our own national interests and goals. 

But the CBC doesn’t seem to care about that.

What kind of media does that? 



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