Change has arrived in Canada. Feel the thrill going up your leg.

• Hey I wonder if the Governor-General thinks Air Force One can also be called Bo Bo the Plane!

• In one of the most banal, ridiculous online polls of the last month or so, posts this one:

Should Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff and U.S. President Barack Obama meet for at least 20 minutes?
Yes, it’s only fair – 37%
No, 15 minutes is enough – 63%

CTV was apparently animated by the shear PETULANCE—yes, PETULANCE—of the little baby-like sensibilities of whiny Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff, who wants to have as much time with Obama as Harper did with Bush back when Harper was Opposition leader.  Like one of those lousy 16-year-old American Idol contestants who was raised by liberals, he apparently bases his notion on the fact that, why by golly, he deserves it because he wants it.

…The meeting was initially supposed to be 30 minutes. Ignatieff, who has close friends in Obama’s administration, hinted it may have been the Prime Minister’s Office that influenced the time of the meeting… “The Americans have their interests; the prime minister, needless to say, has his political interests. I’m not going to let the prime minister’s political interests spoil an important opportunity.”  … He noted that when Harper was leader of the opposition in 2004, he had a “good and extended meeting” with then-president George W. Bush. … “I will expect no less, and I’m sure I will receive no less,” said Ignatieff.

But don’t worry, the media isn’t calling Ignatieff PETULANT.  That’s reserved for Harper ONLY.  Isn’t it Don Martin?

•  Obama leaves his country, stock markets finally shoot up after weeks of historical downs. 
S&P/TSX +103.56
DJIA +18.80

•  imageThe CBC is, as I’ve said before, the official Obama is Love channel.  But they have now lost all pretense of objectivity, and have officially felt the thrill up their left legs.  The state-owned CBC’s reporter Heather Hiscox roved the Obama fan crowd on our Parliament Hill goading the Obama T-shirt-wearing fans of Barack Obama to expound on their POLITICAL reasons for being at what is now being depicted as a pro-Obama festival. 

Actual questioning from CBC’s Heather Hiscox, as she scopes out some POLITICAL talk from the crowd:

CBC reporter Heather Hiscox:  Now, are you politically-minded?  The two of you?  A little bit? 
Obama fans:    Yes! 
CBC reporter Heather Hiscox: Has he made you focus on politics…?
Obama fans:    He made me so happy … and then to hear his policies and to hear everything he stood for I was just like when he got elected I was like we’re going to be OK now we’re going to be alright!
CBC reporter Heather Hiscox: [Gleeful] Really!  Why?!
Obama fans:    Um just his policies the fact that America has more of a tolerance now as well?  Um and then he just has so many like-minded policies as me I just think he is going to clean up that mess and make America and the world a better place!

Is this a pro-Obama political rally being promoted by the CBC?  Hey I wonder if she’s pushing an agenda! 

Amazingly, the Obamatons all have wonderful—albeit utterly, shockingly, partisan left-wing political—things to say about their man, Barack Obama, especially when asked to say those things by the CBC reporter! 

imageShe asked one guy dressed in an Abraham Lincoln outfit about the “Audacity of Hope”, and urged him—goaded him—for pro-Obama comments for the CBC cameras.  She knew he was a Democratic Party campaigner and delegate for Obama at their convention.  She asked him:

“What was it—you were telling me a moment ago that it was “The Audacity of Hope”—turned you onto Obama in the first place.  What is it about him as a leader?”

“Good question!” Peter Mansbridge told her. 

Heather Hiscox has a Masters’ degree in journalism.

It’s no longer an apolitical or official visit, it’s an extended media-led Obamagasm and pro-Obama partisan political festival.  Thanks CBC! 

Other questions asked of the fan crowd included the likes of
WHY did you come to see him?  (Gee I wonder if the answer will include the word “change”!  Answer:  Yup!)

What is it about BO that made you come to see him today?  She asked that one of someone who just explained to her that she campaigned for Obama. 

“It’s absolute euphoria!” she breathlessly reported to Peter Mansbridge. 

imageimage• The orgasmic CBC Newsworld anchor Suhana Meharchand, following a clip of Obama and Harper in a pure photo-op—nothing but a photo-op—saying absolutely nothing to each other or anybody else, reports to Canada:  “That of course was the ever smooth Barack Obama in action today in Ottawa!”   … Somebody needs to shut the CBC down before they all start putting on Obama T-shirts. 

• The CBC needs to be reported to the liberals’ CRTC division or to their Governor-General for an award, or something.  Now they’re just going totally pro-Obama, and even a little anti-Harper, on purpose.  They set up an Obama fan for an on-air Obama promotion interview (we know she was pre-selected and set up because she was all wired-up with a CBC earpiece), complete with her gigantic pro-Obama, anti-Stephen Harper sign carefully placed in front of her.  Her giant sign reads “OBAMA 4 PM …BECAUSE CANADA ♥s “THAT ONE”, NOT THAT ONE” (the second “that one” being our Prime Minister).  They couldn’t ask her to put the partisan anti-Prime Minister of Canada sign down?!  No.  They had it all set up just right.  Just as they wanted it.  This is the state-owned, taxpayer-funded CBC.  Hope ya like it.  Now pay up.


Suhana Meharchand allowed her to go on and on about her love for Obama’s particular brand of politics, and how and why she detests our current leadership here in our country. 

The CBC has completely lost its way.

During that same “interview”, they split the screen and zoomed-in—on purpose—at least twice—on this sign being carried by an Obama nutbar fan.  This whole network now reeks of increasingly partisan left-wing—messianic—politics.  “Church and state” is now OK at the CBC.



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