If it’s good, it’s Obama magic. If it’s bad it’s capitalism, conservatives…

Even the left-wing Harper-loathing Toronto Star acknowledged that the “clean energy plan” was a joint—equal—agreement.  “Agreement”—the word—means they both agree.

1.  The act of agreeing.
2. Harmony of opinion; accord.
3. An arrangement between parties regarding a course of action; a covenant.

Thus, Together, they announced a ‘clean energy dialogue’ aimed at finding technological answers to the twin environmental dilemmas of Alberta oil sands and American coal,” the Toronto Star wrote today. 

imageBut not at the pathologically-obsessed, Obama-luvin CBC, where it’s all about promoting Obama even at the expense of our own Prime Minister (he’s a neo-con!).  Now, it’s to be seen as Obamamagic.  It’s a new style of agreement under which it’s Obama’s agreement. 

You can tell because they don’t even HAVE a happy Harper smilin’ and wavin’ at us icon

imageMaybe they’ll deploy their newly styled capitalism is dead! icon for Harper stories. 


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