TAKING BETS Part XIII: Will CBC report it? Retail sales in U.S. rose 1% in January, pre-“stimulus”

So far I’m batting a thousand, except possibly for one bet in which I lost because the CBC did report news that I’d bet they wouldn’t.  By crediting Barack Obama and his “stimulus” package for the news that a company announced in early February that it was spending $7 BILLION on an expansion program, a plan years in the making, and before there was anything LIKE an Obama “stimulus” package in existence.  But that was a fun CBC news report. 

imageToday, over the yummy banner reading “RETAIL RECESSION”, the state-owned socialism-reliant recession-inducing fear-mongering CBC’s oxymoronic (emphasis on “moronic”) “YOUR BUSINESS” segment, which you’d think would report all the “your business” news instead of just the carefully selective bad news only, reported to Canadians this morning that Canada’s December 2008 retail sales were down.  That’s true.  They were.  This decline in retail sales had nothing to do with the CBC of course, which is not a participant, bares no responsibility, and are merely a reporter of facts, and which for the past several years has NOT been fomenting a recession and warning that capitalism is dead! and that we need a government “stimulus” package, at all, much. 

Today, unlike the CBC, the National Post chose to provide both stories that I’ve mentioned here, in the same box, just for proper context.
But they purposely chose not to report this today:

U.S. retail sales rose for the first time in seven months in January … Retail sales in U.S. rose 1% in January to US$344.6-billion … The result was a pleasant surprise to economists, whom generally expected sales to fall, and brought an end to the record six-month run of retail sales declines.

National Post, Feb 12 2009

So that’s odd, huh?  Why would that be?  It’s extremely important news!  It helps provide context!  And the more recent sales increase happened before The Great Obama’s “stimulus” package was even voted on!  …. ahh…. nevermind…

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