HOW MANY standing ovations, CBC?

I heard the state-owned, socialism-reliant CBC Newsworld anchor Nancy (“very interesting!”) Wilson report to Canadians just now that President Barack Obama got over SIXTY standing ovations last night in his speech to Congress, before tossing the story over to the CBC man in Washington, Paul Hunter.  Even Hunter was a little incredulous about that fancy stat, as he indicated that the speech was only 52 minutes long, but he nonetheless went ahead and repeated it. 

Nancy Wilson as if high on ObamaThis was, of course, all reported over the CBC banner “MESSAGE OF HOPE”, as if fully cognizant of their now openly sycophantic slobbering love affair with the liberal-leftists Barack Obama, the New Messiah, and what, as a sober Canadian taxpayer, I think is their utter lack of journalistic integrity and objectivity.  Note that Nancy Wilson and other CBC reporters refer to the war on terror as “the so-called war on terror”.

CALL ME PICAYUNE or call Nancy Wilson a pro-Obama history re-writer and another media masseuse of actual facts and a spinner, but I watched the speech and there was nothing like 60 standing ovations.  There might have been 60 applause lines, if you include the welcome, the introduciton, the walking into the room, the introduction of the heroic pilot “Sully’’ Sullenberger, the introduction of a little kid in the audience, and so on, but not 60 standing ovations. 

She was emphatic about the standing ovations and how enthralled she obviously was and how she so enjoyed that Obama speech, and the only way I can express that is by using all caps and my famous yellow highlighter—but that doesn’t even do justice to the glee in her voice. 

Nancy Wilson: To the United States now, where US President Barack Obama got RAVE reviews for his big speech last night and SIXTY!  Count ‘em SIXTY STANDING OVATIONS!  from people who were in the room to see it [Joel reminds:  it was vastly Democrats and their supporters!].  He addressed Congress and gave a message full of FIGHTING WORDS and HOPE!  With the economy slowly tanking in the world outside.  The CBC’s Paul Hunter is in Washington and joins us now for the latest.  So Paul certainly a rousing speech last night is Obama still getting standing ovations and lots of uh high marks this morning?!

CBC reporter Paul Hunter: Well you know it’s still all the talk of the town Nancy and you know those sixty ovations the speech was only 52 minutes long so that was a lot of standing up and clapping.  Yes he’s getting VERY good reviews from his speech last night…

It’s worth noting that these Congress speeches historically get non-stop standing ovations.  George W. Bush did, and even Jimma Cotta did. 

I won’t re-watch that farcical, nonsensical speech again, but I did review lots of the media on the speech this morning, and all agree with me—there might have been 60 applause lines, but nothing like 60 standing ovations—maybe half that if you credit him with Sully’s standing O.  Even the far-left opinion blog the Huffington Post, which the CBC adores and constantly relies on for “news” and who they constantly engage to supply them with hard-hitting political “news” “analysts” and “experts”, reports

“The final count: Obama was interrupted 65 times for applause, according to Fox News, and received 37 standing ovations, reports the Australia Broadcasting Corporation….”

The HuffPo quote is especially helpful because while they provide a link for their source for that standing ovation info, it’s not to Fox News as they claim is their source, but to ABC News’ Twitter account, but at least it provides further evidence of CBC’s manipulation of facts from other media sources.

The South African newspaper The Star uses a Reuters story which also—in their very opening line—provides more evidence of the liberal media’s now fully unabashed and hideously biased aplomb, while agreeing that in total, if you count all the applause lines, it amount to a total of 60 or so:


President Barack Obama has given America the audacity to hope again. Speaking for the first time to a joint sitting of the US Congress, he got a standing ovation and his speech was interrupted by cheers more than 60 times

Agence France Press (AFP) agrees too:

“…Obama’s debut speech to a joint session of the US Congress brought the packed chamber to its feet more than 30 times …”

And yes for those of you keeping score at home, “picayune” is my word o’ the day.  Picayune.  Thank you.


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